What to look for in a mentor?

What to look for in a Mentor

First you might need to understand that there is more than one need for a mentor. The first thing I would suggest is asking yourself what is your goal in having a mentor? Here are 4 different types of things one may want to use a mentor for.

  1. Parenting or birthing
  2. Graduate school
  3. Workmanship
  4. Spiritual

When looking for a mentor what are some questions you may want to ask yourself to be sure and find a good fit?

What type of mentorship

There are several different types of mentorship you can choose from.

Group mentorship –   This would be where there were 3 or more. Generally, there is on main mentor with more than one mentee. This setting often works good for example in a group for parenting, A setting where a plethora of knowledge can be exchanged between all.

 One on one mentorship- In this type of mentoring relationship most often the mentor has a more significant amount of experience as well as knowledge in the chosen area. This will help the mentee to be able to achieve as well as advance and develop in the areas of choice.

Team Mentorship- This type of mentoring involves a group of mentors or of people who carry out their mentorship in a team effort. This type of mentoring can help create a space for a diversity of people with diverse opinions who are coming together in a team effort.

Virtual Mentorship- With virtual meetings become more and more necessary it opens up opportunities for a vast array of people to come together from all over the world in any and all time zones. This type of mentorship can be used in all the types of mentoring to bring groups and business together.

Now that we have established different needs for a mentor as well as four different types of mentorship. Here are 6 qualities you should look for when deciding on who would be that perfect fit.

  1. You may want someone with a strong sense of self-worth and integrity.
  2. You may want someone who has pre-existing knowledge, and experience in mentoring as well as has been mentored.
  3. You may want to be sure he/she has the ability to challenge you by asking the often rather tough questions that people avoid answering
  4. As well as the ability to be able to hold one accountable if necessary
  5. In the event that you are looking for a spiritual mentor having a strong sense of self intuition could be of great assistance. Often intuition is a source energy from within. This can be beneficial in any form of mentoring. Having an innate sense of knowing is called Claircognizance. This is different from instincts. It is the ability predict based on a gut feeling / knowing that is consistently proven accurate. They are often referred to as the human lie detector. They often know when someone is lying even when others are fooled.

These are some valuable types and ideas for finding the right mentor for you. It may take a few tries or interviews to be sure and find a good fit with you and your intuition.






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