Survival kit for the holiday’s in 2020

Survival kit for the holiday’s in 2020

I am writing this primarily because I truly thought I was equipped to handle anything that came my way when it came to the holiday’s and a big family. Well I have been for many years now. Here in 2020 I am finding some huge new challenges.

Challenges for hosting a holiday.

Most years you have the issues of who will be showing up making sure there is enough of everything to go around. Even for those extras your young adult kids drag home for a few hours. Having enough place settings and chairs, plates. The usual things you stress about putting on a big dinner. This year I am noticing a complete different set of issues that require a completely different remedy.

Challenges for hosting a 2020 holiday.

Fear of even gathering. All the what if’s that are coming up. What if I was exposed and did not know it? What if I expose someone because I am A symptomatic? How do I tell one of my adult children they cannot attend due to the fact that their partner was exposed? How do I make sure everyone feels safe? Do we just cancel to keep everyone safe?

All these questions are the things many of us are faced with this 2020. This is in addition to all the normal Juggling’s of a holiday season. Now I am not going to answer any of these questions for you. They are really a personal matter. However, this does cause a whole lot more stress as well as anxiety and that is where I do have some answers for you.

3 things that help relieve holiday stress in 2020

  1. Breathing exercises
  2. Emotional freedom Technique
  3. Affirmations

Breathing exercises: If you find yourself feeling anxious most often your breathing will change. Become more erratic, faster. If you stop and take a few deep breaths it will send a different message to the brain. It will send one to calm you. Deep breaths signal the brain to calm and if you focus your attention on your body at the same time noticing where tension is. You can simultaneously speak to your body asking it to relax. Example: Your shoulders are tense. With in your minds eye ask your shoulders to relax. Maybe move them about a bit. Our bodies often respond in a positive manner.

Emotional Freedom Technique: This is also referred to as tapping or EFT it has been said to be based off Chinese medicine. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has taught that there is a flow of energy along pathways through your body called meridians. When this energy is flowing correctly, we experience our natural state of health and wellbeing. When this energy is stuck or disturbed in some way, we experience emotional discomfort, Such as fear, physical Illness, sometimes disease. When you stimulate these meridian points, it can balance them out and relieves stress and anxiety. With acupuncture they stimulate the meridian points with needles with tapping we use our fingers. There is also research showing that it greatly reduces levels of cortisol/ Cortisol is the stress hormone that gets released from the brain when we are in a place of fear it is a good thing to clear that out. To sum it up EFT is a method in which you tap on specific points on your body while talking about an issue of choice. You may say it is a way of creating endorphins or pleasure chemicals in your bodies energy system. This releases stress and anxiety.

Affirmations: Affirmations can be helpful in shifting gears when we find ourselves in a negative thought pattern. I personally recommend two different ways

  1. I use You Tube. I look up positive affirmations for: then place something in the search like anxiety, self-love, stress, etc., I also recommend you use headphones if you can. I have also just looked it up on my smart T.V. and gone about my duties as I am prepping during the holiday or just every day.
  2. Writing them down has a totally different effect on the brain and nervous system. You are more likely to remember them and they will stay with you longer.

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