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Survival kit for the holiday’s in 2020

Survival kit for the holiday’s in 2020

I am writing this primarily because I truly thought I was equipped to handle anything that came my way when it came to the holiday’s and a big family. Well I have been for many years now. Here in 2020 I am finding some huge new challenges.

survival kit for 2020 holidays

Challenges for hosting a holiday.

Most years you have the issues of who will be showing up making sure there is enough of everything to go around. Even for those extras your young adult kids drag home for a few hours. Having enough place settings and chairs, plates. The usual things you stress about putting on a big dinner. This year I am noticing a complete different set of issues that require a completely different remedy.

Challenges for hosting a 2020 holiday.

Fear of even gathering. All the what if’s that are coming up. What if I was exposed and did not know it? What if I expose someone because I am A symptomatic? How do I tell one of my adult children they cannot attend due to the fact that their partner was exposed? How do I make sure everyone feels safe? Do we just cancel to keep everyone safe?

All these questions are the things many of us are faced with this 2020. This is in addition to all the normal Juggling’s of a holiday season. Now I am not going to answer any of these questions for you. They are really a personal matter. However, this does cause a whole lot more stress as well as anxiety and that is where I do have some answers for you.

3 things that help relieve holiday stress in 2020

  1. Breathing exercises
  2. Emotional freedom Technique
  3. Affirmations

Breathing exercises: If you find yourself feeling anxious most often your breathing will change. Become more erratic, faster. If you stop and take a few deep breaths it will send a different message to the brain. It will send one to calm you. Deep breaths signal the brain to calm and if you focus your attention on your body at the same time noticing where tension is. You can simultaneously speak to your body asking it to relax. Example: Your shoulders are tense. With in your minds eye ask your shoulders to relax. Maybe move them about a bit. Our bodies often respond in a positive manner.

Emotional Freedom Technique: This is also referred to as tapping or EFT it has been said to be based off Chinese medicine. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has taught that there is a flow of energy along pathways through your body called meridians. When this energy is flowing correctly, we experience our natural state of health and wellbeing. When this energy is stuck or disturbed in some way, we experience emotional discomfort, Such as fear, physical Illness, sometimes disease. When you stimulate these meridian points, it can balance them out and relieves stress and anxiety. With acupuncture they stimulate the meridian points with needles with tapping we use our fingers. There is also research showing that it greatly reduces levels of cortisol/ Cortisol is the stress hormone that gets released from the brain when we are in a place of fear it is a good thing to clear that out. To sum it up EFT is a method in which you tap on specific points on your body while talking about an issue of choice. You may say it is a way of creating endorphins or pleasure chemicals in your bodies energy system. This releases stress and anxiety.

Affirmations: Affirmations can be helpful in shifting gears when we find ourselves in a negative thought pattern. I personally recommend two different ways

  1. I use You Tube. I look up positive affirmations for: then place something in the search like anxiety, self-love, stress, etc., I also recommend you use headphones if you can. I have also just looked it up on my smart T.V. and gone about my duties as I am prepping during the holiday or just every day.
  2. Writing them down has a totally different effect on the brain and nervous system. You are more likely to remember them and they will stay with you longer.

Look for more up coming tools to add to this survival kit at

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What to look for in a mentor?

What to look for in a Mentor

First you might need to understand that there is more than one need for a mentor. The first thing I would suggest is asking yourself what is your goal in having a mentor? Here are 4 different types of things one may want to use a mentor for.

  1. Parenting or birthing
  2. Graduate school
  3. Workmanship
  4. Spiritual

When looking for a mentor what are some questions you may want to ask yourself to be sure and find a good fit?

What type of mentorship

There are several different types of mentorship you can choose from.

Group mentorship –   This would be where there were 3 or more. Generally, there is on main mentor with more than one mentee. This setting often works good for example in a group for parenting, A setting where a plethora of knowledge can be exchanged between all.

 One on one mentorship- In this type of mentoring relationship most often the mentor has a more significant amount of experience as well as knowledge in the chosen area. This will help the mentee to be able to achieve as well as advance and develop in the areas of choice.

Team Mentorship- This type of mentoring involves a group of mentors or of people who carry out their mentorship in a team effort. This type of mentoring can help create a space for a diversity of people with diverse opinions who are coming together in a team effort.

Virtual Mentorship- With virtual meetings become more and more necessary it opens up opportunities for a vast array of people to come together from all over the world in any and all time zones. This type of mentorship can be used in all the types of mentoring to bring groups and business together.

virtual meeting


Now that we have established different needs for a mentor as well as four different types of mentorship. Here are 6 qualities you should look for when deciding on who would be that perfect fit.

  1. You may want someone with a strong sense of self-worth and integrity.
  2. You may want someone who has pre-existing knowledge, and experience in mentoring as well as has been mentored.
  3. You may want to be sure he/she has the ability to challenge you by asking the often rather tough questions that people avoid answering
  4. As well as the ability to be able to hold one accountable if necessary
  5. In the event that you are looking for a spiritual mentor having a strong sense of self intuition could be of great assistance. Often intuition is a source energy from within. This can be beneficial in any form of mentoring. Having an innate sense of knowing is called Claircognizance. This is different from instincts. It is the ability predict based on a gut feeling / knowing that is consistently proven accurate. They are often referred to as the human lie detector. They often know when someone is lying even when others are fooled.

These are some valuable types and ideas for finding the right mentor for you. It may take a few tries or interviews to be sure and find a good fit with you and your intuition.


What is a mentor?


What is a mentor

What is a mentor? According to the dictionary it is an experienced and trusted advisor. An experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students. Teachers, coaches, therapists, preachers, all could fall into this.

 Do you or have you ever had a mentor?

A mentor


  • Are we meant to go through life with one mentor?
  •  Maybe at different times in our life we have different mentors for different things?

For example, I ran a childcare and I had a woman I very much looked up to who mentored me as I learned the tricks of the trade one might say. My father was an Elder (Preacher) in the church I attended as a child I very much followed his lead as well as other elders. There were mothers within the congregation that I was raised in that I looked up to and was mentored by. As I transitioned out of my carrier in childcare and into life coaching, I had other mentors that were life coaches. Having someone to look up to and help you feel confident in your next steps helps you move forward in a more confident manner maybe even more quickly. Especially when you can model the path from start to finish and see the amazing results they have.

Have you ever been let down by a mentor?

What happens when You find yourself in a place of feeling let down by each one of your mentors? You can see the potential greatness they have or had, however it fizzled out or worse yet turned into a horrific expierence for you. What if it leaves you feeling untrusting? What if you do not even realize it? What if you now question everyone? How do you move forward? You find that you do not trust teachers or preachers or anyone in a higher power?

I was recently asked if I have a mentor? I have been thinking about this for weeks. I have had many and each one of them ended very badly. The woman who mentored me in childcare I had to turn her in for child abuse. She was great in so many ways. She knew the business aspects however some things are just purely unacceptable when it comes to children and their wellbeing.  I was guided in my church by elders who abused their power, lied, cheated, physically and mentally and sexually abused members dear to my heart as well as myself. I can remember trying to turn a blind eye trying to make excuses for their behavior because it was so painful to bear the truth of it all. My life coaching expierence not so drastic, however looking for the mistakes that you are sure to find in human error. That kept my heart safe from fears I did not even know were hiding in the shadows. I allowed subconscious fears to feed me thoughts that were fear based and kept me stuck instead of moving in a forward motion.

The question now remains how does one move forward?

With or without a mentor? In my next blog I will dive into a couple of questions. What is some positive aspect of having a mentor? What are some draw backs? What kinds of things should you look for in a mentor? Can one heal from such an experience? How?


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The three degrees in Usui Reiki

The three degrees in Usui Reiki

In Usui Reiki, there are 3 degrees. You Must receive an attunement from a reiki master for each degree in Reiki. An attunement aligns with your top 3 Chakras. During an attunement, the master places symbols into the chakras. They are your crown, third eye, and your throat chakra, as well as the palms of your hands. This allows the flow of Universal energy to increase. This energy has an incredible ability to bring the chakras into balance and harmony as it removes unwanted negative energies from one’s auric field. It helps bring one’s body into balance Our bodies have ancestral memories of things that may have happened in previous lifetimes. It is not necessary to believe in past lives to practice Reiki. We all have innate energy that flows through our bodies and the attunement expands it to another level. Things that you may begin to notice after an attunement is that your hands may feel warm or even hot especially while you are using Reiki.  The first-degree Reiki attunement opens one up to heal yourself and others, as well as plants and animals.



When taking Reiki one you will learn in greater depth about the attunement process and how the energy works for you as the practitioner as well as your client.  You will also be given the sacred symbols. The symbols are a signal to the brain as well as the body to be open to flowing even greater energy through the body. Reiki symbols and their representation connect you with source energy. The symbols will be with you forever. There will not be a need to receive them again. With each level in Usui Reiki, you will receive additional symbols. You will be taught how to draw the symbols as well as how and when to use them.

Hand placements

In Reiki I, you will learn about hand placements on your client as well as placements for self-healing sessions.  In more advanced classes some Masters will give you the tools to know where to place hands to assist in releasing energy blocks in particular organs. Reiki is never to be used in replacement of your physician or any medical treatments. It may assist in the process however it is important to listen to and follow up with your physician for mental and medical treatments.

 Reiki II

The second-degree Reiki attunement deepens and increases the universal source energy flow. The first-degree energy is amplified on a deeper emotional level as well as mental level. Students are taught how to send Reiki long-distance as well as future or different points in time.

You will be taught about the Aura energy field and the different types of layers of energy fields that surround the body, as well as how to protect and cleanse it for yourself as well as clients. This phenomenon has been demonstrated by scientists and physicists’ numerous times in history. Therefore laying on of hands or praying for someone long distance is effective.

Reiki III

The third-degree Reiki attunement is very spiritual. It deepens the healing on a soul level. This is the final level in Usui Reiki, it is called the Master level. You receive the ability to pass it on to others as a teacher. You are taught how to give attunements. You will receive ideas as to how to begin your practice, as well as it amplifies your 1st and 2nd-degree energies. It opens you up for “higher self” contact.

Often in Reiki classes, you are taught on a deeper level more about chakras. How they work and the benefits of using reiki to open and clear chakras. Many Master teachers will teach you how to connect to your higher source energy and use your intuition in your practice as well as everyday life.

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How can Reiki Help you?

How can Reiki Help you?

Reiki is used to harmonize the human body, mind and spirit. When the body, mind and spirit become unbalanced it allows room for illness to come in.

When we return the entire being to harmony and balance with itself as well as with mama earth and the universe true wellness is reached. Healing begins when we find our own true desire to be whole and well. We need the motivation as well at the intention to act on our own behalf or we can not become well. Reiki is a means to empowering ourselves, and others to become whole in all the ways.

The Reiki shift

  • Reiki promotes the bodies natural abilities to heal itself.
  • It enhances the effects of traditional medical therapies.
  • It has the ability to increase one’s stamina and vitality
  • It can also help alleviate physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual suffering
  • Reiki can be used on all ages, races, ethnic groups and religions.
  • Reiki has the ability to remove blocked energies that are trapped inside your body causing different types of illness.
  • Reiki encompasses and embraces doctrines and dogmas and gently brings light to the understanding of the mind, peace to the emotions, Joy to the spirit.

The continued use of Reiki will expand the mind and open a panorama of understanding in a loving and non-threatening way.  Reiki is light. Reiki is one of the most powerful techniques known to cut through veils that have come through generations of religious backgrounds to allow individuals to discover the essence and truth in which all religions have been founded. Reiki guides you to the source where all things are seen clearly. Reiki brings Balance order and harmony. They are the 3 master keys to attaining all that we desire.



 Examples of how Reiki has helped others.

Here I will share with you how Reiki has helped shift grief. I will tell you a story about a young woman a good friend of mine named Victoria. Victoria was in her late 30’s she was a mom of two beautiful children. A wife, a sister, and a daughter. She worked full time. Her father was a medical doctor, Dr. Thompson. When ever there was a illness with-in the family they would consult him, on occasion he would take them to consult with other Dr’s.  One Memorial Day weekend there was a tragic accident. Dr. Thompson was up working on his roof and slipped and fell from his ladder. His cabin was over an hour away from the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, Dr. Thompson did not survive. Victoria was remarkably close to her father. They Spent all of their holidays and weekends working as families on projects and her father helped her with making jewelry, metalsmithing.

After Victoria’s father passed, she started having trouble sleeping and eating and functioning in everyday life. She was grieving. For any of you who have lost someone close to you, you can heartfeltly understand the depth of emotional pain one goes through in such a time.

I offered my dear friend a Reiki treatment. She was very skeptical she had never experienced energy work before and was not even sure she believed it would work.  She text me one day not capable of dealing with basic life and I again offered her Reiki explaining that I can not tell you exactly how it will help your grief however it is god force energy and he knows what you best need at this moment.  She agreed to come for a treatment.

She arrived I could tell she was a little nervous after all we had been friends for many years. When I do a treatment, I set up my space with a massage table, soft reiki music, candles, and healing crystals. I also use a diffuser with essential oils to help ease any anxiety. She came in and settled in quickly. She laid on the table and I placed a small amethyst wand in her right hand. I spent the next 15 min or so placing my hands as my guides had been directing me, my eyes were closed, and I was rather relaxed knowing I was helping someone I deeply care for. An image came into my mind of a green stick figure person. It seemed odd for me. I normally do not see images while I work with clients. I opened my eyes and blinked and went on with the treatment. Suddenly it appeared again. This time it was as if it was on one side of a wall popping his head in then out. Then it disappeared. Then suddenly his arm did the same thing. Then his leg. My eyes popped open I was not sure what I was seeing. Then I remembered my Reiki Master Teacher telling us that it is possible for loved ones to come into a session not to be alarmed. I collected my thoughts and in my minds eye said if this is Victoria’s father Dr. Thompson and you would like me to give her a message I am open to receiving it. Then what came through was she needs to let me go and for her to do what she loves woodworking. I was confused at this point actually thinking to myself I am totally crazy and have lost my mind. Victoria does metalsmithing not woodworking.  As I am thinking that the same thing comes through. She needs to let me go and do what she loves woodworking.  Nothing more came through I completed the session as I usually would. However, I was trying to figure out how I was going to express this to my client or if I even should. I ask her a few questions to clarify my thoughts about her doing metalsmithing not woodworking and I was correct. I then decide not to tell her of my expierence. As the next week went bye, she texts me and told me how she had way less anxiety and was finally able to sleep through the night without dreaming and awakening in tears. I was overjoyed to hear that. However, I was constantly having a reoccurring thought in my head that I needed to give her that message and I was afraid to. I was afraid of what she would think of me or even loosing a good friend. I was to be leaving on a

cruise ship and decided just to incase something happened to me I needed to tell her. I invited her over and told her it was kind of urgent. I explained that something had happened during our session that I was not familiar with, so I had decided to do some research before I spoke of it. She was like ok??  I went on to explain about the green man coming in and out with his hand or head or foot. She burst into tears. She then said there is no way you could have known that my father played a game with me as a young girl at our front door where he did that as he came or left. With us both in tears “I said there is more”. He had a message to let him go and continue doing what you love woodworking. She again burst into tears. Then said that is why you asked if I did metalsmithing or woodworking? You would not know this either. I do my metalsmithing in his woodworking shop. Both of us with tears flowing down our face. That day many lessons were learned. You ask how can Reiki help you?

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Reiki’s History

Reiki’s history

We are about to dive into some history of reiki. Reiki was rediscovered in the middle of the 19th century by a man named Mikao Usui, who, it has been said, was responsible for its recovery.

There are many stories about the history of Reiki. Here we will learn of two of them. The first is the story as told by Grand Master Hawayo Takata (1900-1980), And the second was taken from a legend on Usui’s Memorial.

Let’s start with Hawayo Takata’s Story:

It seems Usui was the principle of a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan. His students asked why they had not heard anything of the healing method used by Jesus and whether Usui could demonstrate it for them. He was unable to give them an answer. He then decided to give up his position at the school and study Christianity in a Christian country until he found the answer. His quest led him to the university of Chicago in America. That is where he studied and became a Doctor of Theology, however he could not find any answers, in the Christian writings, about hands-on-healing. Usui searched the Chinese scripts, also to not find anything. He eventually traveled to North India, where he was able to study the Holy writings. Usui could read Japanese, Chinese, English and Sandskrit.

He later returned to Japan where, he found in the old Buddhist sutras some Sandskirt formulas and Symbols which seemed to hold the answer to his search. He was living in a monastery at that time in Kyoto. He then traveled to the Holy Mountain of Kuriyama. Where for the next 21 days he would fast and meditate in solitude. He had high hopes that this would bring him to the levels of consciousness the sutra formulas had described.

When he arrived at the mountain, he placed 21 small stones in front of him this was so he could count the number of days he was to fast. Each day he would discard one stone. He spent his days reading the Sutras, singing, and meditating. Everything seemed usual until the last day, when he saw a shining light moving towards him at a great speed. It came closer until it hit him in the center of his forehead. He then saw millions of little colored bubbles of blue, purple, pink, all the colors of the rainbow. A bright white light then appeared, and he saw a little known Sandskirt symbols in front of him glowing in gold color. This was the birth of the Usui system of Reiki as revealed from the Buddhist Sutras. When his consciousness returned to its normal state, the sun was shining high in the sky. He felt his spirit rise as well as a sense of strength and energy. He then began to go down the mountain. On his way down he stubbed his toe on a rock and fell. He grabbed his toe in both hand and the bleeding stopped, and the pain disappeared within a few minutes. This was the first miracle.

Along the way he stopped at a large Inn and ordered a large Japanese breakfast. He was very hungry. The Innkeeper warned him not to eat such a large meal after such a long fast. However, Usui was able to eat it all without any adverse effects. This was miracle number two.

The granddaughter of the Innkeeper had a horrible tooth ache. She had been suffering for several days. Usui laid his hands upon her swollen face and she immediately felt better. The girl then ran to her grandfather and told him that the guest was no ordinary monk. This was the third miracle.

Usui returned to his Monastery for a few days, then decided to go to the beggar city, in the slums of Kyoto, to treat the less fortunate to help them lead a better life. He had spent seven years in the asylum treating many illnesses, when he noticed the same old faces kept returning. They told him that working was to hard when he asked why they had not started a new better life. They said it was easier to beg. Usui was deeply shook to the point of weeping over this. He then realized he had forgotten something of upmost importance in his healing work. That would be to teach gratitude. In the days to come he thought about Reiki principles. He soon returned to Kyoto where he lit a large torch and stood in the streets. When he was asked why he stood in the streets with a torch, his reply was that he was looking for people in search of the true light. People who were ill, oppressed and who wanted to be healed. This began a new chapter in his life where he traveled around Japan teaching Reiki.


Usui was buried in a Kyoto temple. The story of his life was written on his gravestone. It is said that his grave was honored by the emperor of Japan.

One of Usui’s closest assistants was Dr. Chijuro Hayashi, who took his place, he became the second Reiki Grand Master in a line of tradition. He rana private Reiki clinic in Tokyo where severe illness and disease could be treated with Reiki until 1940. This is the clinic where Hawayo Takata first received Reiki treatments. Takata later returned to Hawaii after her studies. In 1938 Hayashi visited the island and Takata became a Reiki Master by Hayashi. Upon his death, in 1941, she succeeded him as Grand Master. She lived as well as healed in Hawaii for many years. At about the age 74 years old she began to train Reiki Masters. On December 11,1980 Hawayo Takata passed on to the higher vibrational quality of life. She initiated 21 Masters in the United States and Canada to carry on her great work.

Next we will learn more specifically what Reiki has been used for and some real life stories of healings or experiences.

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an amazing metaphysical healing system. It offers the ability and opportunity to harmonize body, mind, and spirit for yourself as well as others. Reiki is a Japanese word consisting of two characters ‘Rei’ — meaning” Universal”: Meaning spirit or soul, referring also to the spiritual dimension. Ki— is Japanese for vital force energy, source energy, which flows through all that exists. Reiki is a universal energy that has its own consciousness following universal laws. What this means is when you apply Reiki, the higher vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy will flow in and transmute the lower frequency. Things such as an illness that are considered a lower frequency.

Reiki energy is applied by placing hands near or on the recipient. The practitioner flows Reiki energy over different locations of the body. This energy is said to be the energy that permeates the universe. The process of Reiki is also referred to as “the laying on of hands” or ‘Spiritual Healing” Reiki flows through however is not generated by the practitioner. When a practitioner gives a treatment, it does not deplete them of their own energy supply. Reiki is a simple Universal (God source) energy with techniques used by age-old masters. Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is defined as a spiritual energy technique. It was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usi in Japan and is believed to have originated thousands of years ago. Reiki is a simple process to learn, it has powerful results and can be used on yourself as well as others. Reiki has also been used on plants and animals with great success.

Can Reiki be used when you are not feeling your best? Most definitely. If Reiki were to be conditional upon your physical or emotional or mental state it would be least available when most needed. It can be used when you are tired or stressed or even when you feel ill. Once you have received an attunement/ignition Reiki is always available. Whenever and wherever it is needed.

How to learn Reiki?

Reiki is a simple universal source energy that comes with a great deal of respect for its coming directly from the universal source energy currents

To become a Reiki practitioner, you must receive an attunement or an ignition from a Reiki Master or level 3 reiki practitioner. This can be done in person or long distance in a series of classes or workshops. We must acknowledge the sacredness of learning this divine information. The attunements/ignitions will enhance innate abilities and enable students to pass Reiki energy to others.

Being that Reiki is a universal source of energy it is harmonious with all belief systems. This energetic form of healing can bring a person to wholeness unifying the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves on all levels. Reiki provides that opportunity for your body to return to perfect balance and harmony.

In my next article, I will talk more about the history of Reiki. As well as some specific things Reiki is used for. I will also share some real-life examples from real people that have experienced reiki and its amazing benefits.

To learn more about Reiki or to find a workshop feel free to contact me through my website at


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What is Source Energy?

What is Source Energy

Is source energy a religion? Is source energy a human form? Is source energy a spirit form?

Source energy is often referred to as a higher power, god energy, spirit, some call it universal energy.

It is often sensed or felt in different ways. For some it is a presence for others it is a knowing yet for some it is a feeling of connection to a higher knowingness or power within.

Source energy itself is not a religion. For it may be a driving force within a religion. It is not in itself that. It is something you feel like a vibration awakened within your energy field of life. Without this source energy how would plants know to turn to the light to grow? How would we as humans know to be guided by light as we leave this earth plain. Animals often innately have instincts that derive from a higher source. Just as us humans know we need to listen to what our bodies tell us. When we begin to turn inward and pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we begin to realize we are not alone. There is guidance within our own selves. Most disregard or do not understand its existence.

I know for me I was always told there was a god. I was told to listen to him. I was told that the bible was the only way to hear him. All other forms were demonic. I have found out that there are many ways to communicate and be communicated with source energy. By no means am I dismissing scripture. I am merely pointing out there are many other ways and forms of communicating with source energy or god, higher power what ever the words of choice are for you.

Let’s dive in for a moment and ask how can one call “God” source energy? Well first if you believe in god most believe or have read the bible which tells us in Genesis that god has created everything. That would include all matter and energy. Some say because he created it, he cannot be it. Therefor conclude he can not be energy. They may go on to say god is personal and has plans and works to bring them about so he can not be a form of energy. (Genesis12:7) He speaks, (Exodus 19:8) He enters into covenant relationships. (Genesis 6:18) God Loves people (Romans 5:8) Some say energy can not do any of these things.

Energy Science and Quantum physics

Here is where we need to bring in some energy science as well as quantum physics for a bit more understanding. Let’s review a little of both for a moment.

Energy is defined as the capacity to perform work. According to the first law of thermodynamics, the total amount of energy in the universe is not capable of being created or destroyed it is constant. It can only change from one form to another. Some common forms of energy are solid mass or as non-solid matter. For example: sound, electrical, heat, light, kinetic (energy of motion) gravitational, potential (stored energy).

According to Quantum physics mass and energy are interchangeable and that mass is merely a manifestation of energy. This would mean humans are energy stored in mass particle form.

According to theories associated with the universal energy field. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes, are made up of energy. When applied to the human body every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and body system is composed of energy that when they overlap each other it creates the human energy field.

So it only makes sense that if god is energy and our bodies are made up of energy and he has created us like plants and animals with an innate ability know, to hear, see, and feel. To go into the sun light to grow and live. It is a universal force found in all living thing.