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How a daily success log helps a griever


How a daily success log helps a griever

We have all had “To-do lists” miles long that feel so very over whelming. They usually have things on them such as mow the lawn, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, paint the house. Items that are significant that need to be completed. This list can often get put aside, feeling heavy, especially in times of grief. Like how am I ever going to get all of this done in one day? Will I ever be able to complete it? I do not have the energy. Some of the things on this list may have a cost associated with them, which can carry heaviness. Such as paint the house or fix the car, pay bills.

A daily success log can be done in a couple of different ways. My favorite way is to use it as a list of things I “did” accomplish, such as Dishes, meditation, exercise, taking kids to school. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, loaded the washer, made kids lunch, walked the kids to the bus, showered, made dinner. It is a list of the actual things you have done in the day. When one is grieving or coping with anxiety, essential daily habits feel heavy and nearly impossible at times. Often we go through our day feeling as if we have not done a damn thing. All of a sudden, it’s bedtime, and you feel like I didn’t get anything done today. When you keep a daily success log, you can look back and see exactly what you did with your time.  It can guide how you can become more productive because you get to see exactly how you are spending your time. Or you may find areas where you can fit in some of the things that are on that “To-do list.” Another thing it can be useful for observing whether you are doing self-care. Without self-care, we really are not any good to others. Like our kids, we perform higher in our jobs. It also helps us recover from grief and trauma, release anger and be present in everyday life.

Some people use a success log differently. You can make a list of things you want to achieve daily and check them off as you accomplish them. Personally, I feel everything we do in a day is important, and it is a great thing to keep track of even the small things so we can look back and know exactly what we are focusing our attention on. This would have been extremely helpful as a young mom for me after my youngest son’s death. Because you have so many things we take for granted that moms do. So much is expected, and we so often feel defeated by the everyday tasks. Then you add in all the whirlwind of emotions while grieving. We forget to add in self-care. Self-care is essential when you are grieving a loss. Some have been taught self-care was selfish. 

A daily success log can help you in many ways. It can help you see exactly what you are accomplishing. It can help you see where you can be more productive with your time. It can help you find a way and time to fit in self -care. For us to be present in life, self-care is essential while dealing with grief. What does self-care look like for a griever?

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Crystals for shielding energy as an empath 2

Crystals for shielding energy as an empath 2

Fluorite: Fluorite is unique in that it comes in various forms and colors. Fluorite is a type of glistening calcium with its own unique traits. There are subtle differences in fluorite. One thing they have in common is they are powerful cleaners.  Fluorite is a great stone for Empaths. It neutralizes negative energies and inspires light to rush in. This gives one happiness and joy despite the negative energies around. It provides balance among chaos as well as clarity, making sense of what is happening inside your head. Allowing you freedom from the overwhelming pain of others.

Color: The most common is violet, may also be Yellow, green, it exhibits a variety of colors

Chakra: Crown, and third eye. Clearing away overwhelming or chaotic energies leaving peace in its place.

Origin: Worldwide, China, USA.

Malachite: Malachite is a radiant green stone with splashes of color and an opaque finish giving a stunning pattern that is loved by many. This is considered to be one of the best empath protection stones by healers. It is frequently used in their practice. This stone shines the light on all the good surrounding you as it sweeps away the low vibrating energies. Malachite brings to mind your inner strength, also pulling to the forefront of your mind your wisdom. Malachite is a representation that gives emotional strength and endless compassion.

Color: Green

Chakra: Heart leaves us with the ability to release negative energies while embracing uplifting, positive ones.

Origin: Worldwide, Congo, Zambia, Australia.

Citrine: Citrine is a popular stone used in healing circles due to its vibrant sun-kissed color. It is also known to be a dynamic emotional cleanser. This beautiful stone engages the dark energies with light! It bathes your aura, as it transforms buried pain into confidence and aspiration as the unwanted dark energies are released into the ethers. It is said that empaths have the most to gain from this stone. It is also known for releasing telepathic gifts. It also amplifies your powers of one’s emotional empathy.

Color: Yellow

Chakra: Sacral. Citrine is an essential stone for the sacral chakra. Opening it up for creativity and manifestation. Citrines energy vibrates from the sacral chakra moving into the root and solar plexus, radiating them all in light.

Origin: Mountains in Russia, Madagascar.

Hematite: Another must-have for empaths hematite. This stone is the ultimate strength transporter. This stone has a reputation for protecting one as well as transferring strength with the ability to resist bad energy. Empaths have a sponge-like reputation, soaking up everyone’s energy around them, especially negative energies. Hematite prevents this from happening while still allowing an empath to connect with others. The hematite gives an empath strength to release the weight of the unwanted effects. It exudes you with confidence and willpower, pushing you beyond bad vibes.

Color: Range from black to gray accompanied with reddish-brown streaks

Chakra: Root chakra, transmuting negative energies into positive. Calms and grounds.

Origin: Yellowstone national park in North America.

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What is intuition

What is Intuition?

According to Wikipedia, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. Do you ever have a feeling deep down in your gut telling you if something is right or wrong that you are about to do? How about that moment you look into someone’s face, and you sense something is wrong, you think they feel low vibrational emotions? Do you know what it is that allows you to know such things? Is it just your gut instinct?

Your intuition is a potent thing. It is way more than a gut feeling or a fleeting thought. It is part of our higher self. It is that soft nudge you may feel to take a certain direction. It is that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that lets you know something is not quite right. The subtle light of confidence allows us to know we are on the right path.

Your intuition is authentic. It speaks in a quiet voice to our inner self, and it embraces the art of being subtle, making it easy to push it away. So many of us are not in tune or tapping into our intuition. Maybe we did not know we had such a thing or do not understand it.  If you know how to tap into the power of your own intuition, you can use it to assist you in manifesting more positive people and circumstances, as well as beautiful new experiences into your life. For this to happen, you must first utterly understand your own intuition and what it is and how it works.

Your intuition is your inner guide or inner teacher. One, you should pay close attention to listening very closely to its nudges and whispers when it speaks. Most intuition is so subtle you remember it in hindsight. It is much more useful in life if you learn to tap into your intuition at the moment and understand the nudges it gives you. Intuition is a sensory awareness, not a thought awareness. You need to use your body and what it is telling you as a whole. Not your thoughts to truly follow your intuition.

Example of intuition

An example of intuition is love at first sight. The knowing or understanding without it having to be proven or shown facts. The ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning. Seeing that person for the first time and knowing beyond reason that there is something deeper between you that you have no reasonable way of knowing. If you think about it, it is not rational. However, when you feel into it, you feel nudges of warmth and love within yourself. When you give into it further, looking into his eye’s energies speaks to you without words or understanding giving you the knowledge of the emotions being exchanged between you.

There are multiple types of intuition. Heuristics and biases, gut feeling, insights, psychic intuition, and philosophical intuition. They are quite different coming from different places. The most common one is termed gut-feeling.

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Crystals for shielding an empath

Crystals for shielding an empath

As a life coach, I am often asked by empaths how to protect against negative energies. How can one keep from taking on the thoughts and feelings of others? There are many layers to this. However, crystals are an amazing option. They are a great tool to help protect your energies and raise them when they have been depleted.

I am one who does believe in these souvenirs found within our mother earth.  There are plenty of skeptical people out there. Crystals have been used for centuries for many things. Roman warriors carried them into battle for physical protection. Hematite was their stone of choice. Lapis Lazuli was used in royal tombs for protection in the afterlife.

Crystals protect in many ways, such as protection from negative thoughts of toxic people or people in passing. Emotions such as anger or Jealousy leave one feeling drained, agitated, and troubled. Spiritual protection can assist you in shaking off these negative energies quickly. Certain crystals are powerful protection against stressful environments such as Malls or airports, or even school where people are known to have poor attitudes and quick tempers. They provide relief from these negative thoughts.

It is important to choose a crystal that aligns with the type of protection that will shield emotions, as well as one that aligns with your intentions.

Crystals are used as a great reminder of your intention to stay positive and call on your inner guidance as well as your spirit guides.

Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Charka: Root

Origin: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection. It is an essential piece to have in one’s collection. Some say it is the best crystal for repelling lower vibration energies, frequencies, and a positive mental attitude.

Black Tourmaline is known to transmute negative energies into positive energies, making it a remarkably effective stone. Black Tourmaline responds like a force field around you. This can protect you from other people’s negative thoughts and feelings.

Clear Quartz

 Color: Clear

Chakra: Crown

Origin: Brazil, The USA, China


Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals. It is known for deflecting negative energies and is also known for attracting powerful positive energies. It is important to set clear, precise intentions when working with clear quartz.

Clear Quartz can be worn as a necklace or a ring to shield oneself throughout the day. You can also simply place it in your pocket.

Black Obsidian

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Origin: Worldwide

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone for protection. It is formed through volcanic eruptions. It combines powerful raw elements such as fire, earth, and water.

Obsidian is a great stone for empaths. It shields from negative people. Things like bullies. It also shields from the unwanted feelings of others. It will cut the ties from draining unwanted energies.


Color: Black

Charka: Root

Origin: Worldwide

Jet is fossilized wood. Jet protects against violence or illness. It is harder than coal and is said to be a choice for older souls who have reincarnated to earth. It is believed to hold ancient memories.

As protection, Jet guards against darker entities or spirit attachments. It is good for protecting your businesses as well as stabilizing finances.

Jet requires regular cleansing, for it absorbs more impure energies than it emits.

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Is an empath more likely to suffer from anxiety

Is an empath more likely to suffer from anxiety?

First, let us look at an empath. What is an empath? The term empath comes from empathy. What is empathy? According to Wikipedia, empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states. Types of empathy include cognitive empathy, emotional (or affective) empathy, and somatic empathy.

Empaths have the ability to relate to other’s feelings and experiences. They are also capable of feeling and experiencing exactly what another is feeling and experiencing. Empaths can connect to other beings on a deep level that goes beyond logic and words and fully see and feel others past and present. Empathy is a state of being or an emotion that allows one to connect cognitively with another person. Another way of looking at this is a person who can put themselves into another person’s shoes and better understand their experiences and feelings. An empath can feel and understand another person’s feelings outside of their own perspective. Some empaths feel and experience things as if they are part of their own experience. For example, if someone is physically hurt, an empath can physically feel pain. If someone is angry, an empath feels the anger. If someone loses a loved one, an empath can feel the despair of the lost love.

We all have a natural ability to being empathetic to others for various things on different levels. However, empaths take on the feeling of others on a greater level. This leads to an empath finding themselves potentially absorbing the emotions of those around them. Taking on the joy and happiness of those in the room can feel rather livening. Taking on the sadness or fear, or guilt of those around us could be just the opposite. Absorbing those emotions may feel burdensome and heavy, especially if there is no way to help or assist them. There is a potential link between highly empathic and anxiety.

2 Types of empathy 

We will begin to understand how anxiety and empathy converge by understanding the two different types of empathy.

  1. Cognitive empathy Is the ability to understand what someone else feels. An example is one may have specific body language or tone of voice that offers insight into their thoughts and emotions or reactions.
  2. Affective Empathy. One can take on the feelings of another. Feel what they feel. This type of emotional empathy can feed compassion and motivate one to offer support. When an empath is feeling the feelings of loved ones who are struggling with grief or stresses themselves, an empath can take that on, and it can create anxiety for the empath.        Empaths and Anxiety

A person who suffers from general anxiety may spend time worrying about how things are going in life—cycling through negative thought patterns. One might wonder how one of their decisions may affect a friend. This may create thoughts of you in this similar situation. When one has high empathy, existing anxiety can feed off of the people around your emotions. Creating even greater anxieties, fueling them.

If one can feel the stresses or emotions of loved ones, they may feel guilty if they are unable to help them. One may feel as if they are disappointing loved ones when they cannot help. This could put a strain on the relationship causing one to withdrawal in other ways. As one continues to worry, the relationship’s health will domino into more stress and anxiety.

When an empath is dealing with overwhelming emotions just like any other, it affects them physically as well as mentally. Empaths are at greater risk for anxiety attacks and panic attacks, depression, fatigue, as well as other health risks that may accompany these things. Next, we will look at ways an empath can energetically shield themselves.


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Are you an Empath?

Are you an Empath?

What is an empath? The term empath comes from empathy. What is empathy? According to Wikipedia, empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states. Types of empathy include cognitive empathy, emotional (or affective) empathy, and somatic empathy.

What is an empath?

Empaths have the ability to relate to other’s feelings and experiences. They are also capable of feeling and experiencing exactly what another is feeling and experiencing. Empaths can connect to other beings on a deep level beyond logic and words and fully see and feel others past and present.  Empathy is a state of being or an emotion that allows one to connect cognitively with another person. Another way of looking at this is a person who can put themselves into another person’s shoes and better understand their experiences and feelings.

Indications that a person may be an empath

There are many indications of one being an empath. There has been some scientific research explaining these traits.

  • Mirroring another’s movements unconsciously – According to research, MRI scans show a neural relay mechanism in the brain that allows empaths to mimic mannerisms such as facial expressions and postures of others.

Intriguingly enough, this mimicry also applies to small movements. For example, If an empath sees a needle poking someone’s foot, the empath’s brain could react as if it were their foot. Triggering the same sensory and motor areas.

  • Quick and accurate response time in recognizing other people’s emotions – Someone who is an empath has a quick response time to another’s emotions, such as anger. They can assess facial expressions quickly and accurately. This being happy or sad or angry or frustrated. It is not linked to just one type of emotion.
  • Some research showed that highly empathetic people could feel an electric shock that was given to someone else.

The researchers gave the electric shock to 16 people hooked up to a brain imaging machine that showed the brain areas that were activated when in pain.  The researchers told the 16 people that their spouses also received the electric shock while in another room. All 16 people’s brains used similar areas as when the researchers shocked them, causing them pain.

This study suggests that empaths or highly empathetic people can physically feel someone else’s pain at some level. More research is being conducted on this.

  • Takes on another’s emotions. This is the ability to feel what someone near you is feeling. No matter if they are trying to hide it or not. Most empaths pick up on the emotions someone is trying to hide. An Empath may actually feel another’s emotions.
  • An empath may suddenly experience overwhelming emotions while in public. It is not just in a conversation with another. It can happen any time anywhere others are around. If there are many people around, it can be an overwhelming combination of human emotions the empath may not know how to control with no warning signs. This can be extremely uncomfortable, even distressing for the empath.
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Bring balance into your life

Bring balance into your life.

Bring balance into your life. Why do we need balance in our life?

What does balance look like?

If you describe someone as well-balanced, you mean that they are sensible and do not have many emotional problems. …a fun-loving, well-balanced individual.

What would a balanced life feel like?

When you have balance in your life, you are living with peace and harmony every day. Balance comes in different forms, such as physical forms, emotional forms, and spiritual forms. Being in balance may mean something different to everyone. … This is part of our emotional balance.


Let talk about Emotional Balance.

Life is so busy, and we have so many tasks each day with work, Emails marked as urgent, deadlines on bills, kids, and all the needs that come with relationships with partners.

You may even have friends in crisis relying on you for support. Often when friends or family share their needs in a crisis, we are Johnny on the spot to rescue them. Meanwhile, our own emotions are screaming, “WHAT ABOUT ME? STOP TAKE CARE OF ME! YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!! Often we are in such a rush in our mind we forget to take a breath and check-in with ourselves, and before we know it, we are feeling overwhelmed, sad may be angry, or even just outright exhausted and riddled with anxiety.

I will be the first to admit I have spent a great deal of my life taking care of others and their emotional and physical needs before my own. I owned and operated a daycare for 22 years. Those kids and their parents were always in a crisis of one sort or another, and I was happy to run to the rescue placing my own emotional balance at great risk. Then again, when it was for my loved ones. I regularly found myself completely exhausted, riddled with anxiety.

Through the coaching academy, I attended I learned skills to take care of myself even when outside influences are very intense. How can you help others if you are not in some emotional balance?  If you are not taking care of #1…That is you.


3 Tips to help you stay balanced

I will give you 3 tips to use throughout each day to help keep you emotionally balanced.

First, let us try a breathing exercise. Your breath can tell a lot about your stress level. Check-in and see if you are holding your breath. Or are you breathing erratically, Maybe even sighing often. If you find any of these things, take a couple of minutes and do a simple breathing exercise.

It looks like Consciously take 10 deep breaths, counting backward with each inhalation and exhalation. Label each breath to keep your mind focused on a single point of attention and Say to yourself, “Ten in, 10 out. Nine in, nine out.” If possible, lie down and close your eyes, or find a quiet space. If no quiet space exists for you, then find a quiet space inside your mind. This will help center you emotionally.

Practice Gratitude 

Another great tool is to stop and pause at regular integrals throughout the day while consciously finding something that you are profoundly grateful for. This must be genuine for the best results. In every stressful situation, search for one thing that you can honestly be grateful for.

Pleasant thoughts through your five senses’ organs orient your field of awareness toward the present moment, through what you see, what you touch, what you smell and taste. Direct your awareness to what you like about your current experience.  Find gratitude in the experience.

Another great tool is going out and getting fresh air and see the sunlight as much as possible. Notice and appreciate your surroundings. These simple actions are great tools to help with emotional balance. Being in nature is very grounding. You may even take a minute and remove your shoes and place your bare feet onto mother earth. This will allow her calm energies to come up through your feet. These are great tips to share with those loved ones you are helping.

The final tip, as well as my personal favorite, is meditation. There are many forms of meditation. Why meditate? Let us explore the benefits of meditation and look at some practical ways it will help spiritual development and enhance your quality of life.

“Your mind is at work all day, every day. Every decision you make, every challenge that you face, every moment you go through in life, your mind is your constant companion, and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.”  Christopher Lloyd Clarke


When you practice meditation, your heart rate and you’re breathing gradually slow down.  Your blood pressure normalizes, and the function of your immune system improves. Meditation also causes your adrenal glands to produce less cortisol, one of the main hormones responsible for aging. As you meditate, your mind becomes clearer and clearer. You feel less burdened by mental chatter, and troubling emotions gradually melt away. Feelings of stress and anxiety are greatly reduced during meditation.

Do you think that would help bring your life into balance?

Some Examples of people it has helped are businesspeople, as well as office workers. CEOs use meditation to help them keep their cool under pressure and help them make clear well-formed decisions. Parents have been known to meditate. It offers them relief from the pressure of everyday living and all the responsibilities of raising a family. Many parents find their time spent in meditation very precious me time. Quiet time that you give yourself to relax and reflect.

Students can greatly benefit from meditation. Meditation helps by enhancing their intelligence, dramatically improving memory, and increasing their ability to grasp new information.
Spiritual people use meditation to get in touch with their inner self, overcome the limiting perspective of their ego, and experience a deeper connection with the source or God. Within a partnership or relationship, meditation helps you relax and become more emotionally balanced. Anyone can benefit from meditation. With a calm mind and an open-heart, conflicts are resolved more easily, and love is exchanged more readily and more deeply. Meditation can help anyone, no matter who you are or what you do. Meditation improves your health, increases performance. It increases your quality of life.

There are many forms of meditation you can visit my blog at…elp-with-anxiety/ to explore some fantastic ways to meditate.

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6 Chakra healing crystals for anxiety and grief

6 Chakra healing crystals for anxiety and grief

Crystals are a natural healing tool. They are a great tool in helping relieve anxiety. Crystals each have their own healing abilities or more commonly known as energies. Crystals are often used for healing the mind-body, and soul. They promote a clean energy flow. In turn, you can take control of life once again.

When one is grounded, one tends to become less anxious. There are a variety of stones that help ground your energies.

Chrysocolla – Is known to be a stone of peace. Soothes. It helps to strengthen and sustain during times of stress. Aids in understanding others. Purifies and stabilizes the home environment.

Amethyst – is known to be a natural tranquilizer. It is known for its ability to relieve stresses and soothing irritability as it balances one’s moodiness. It is also known to eliminate anger and rage, and fear as well as anxiety. Alleviates grief and sadness. Amethyst dissolves negativity as it also activates spiritual awareness, opening one’s intuitiveness and psychic abilities. Amethyst enhances the immune system. Improving one’s endocrine function, digestive health, as well as hormones.

Personally, this is one of my favorite stones, and I have several large ones in my home.

Brazilian Agate – brings about an intellectual and emotional balance as well as physical balance. It helps center and stabilize physical energies. This stone works slowly. However, it brings great strength as well as soothing and calming energies. Brazilian Agate harmonizes the yin and yang.

The Blue Brazilian agate has been considered a throat chakra crystal. It opens the upper chakras from the heart to the crown, making it possible to receive unconditional love.

Spiritually Brazilian agate creates balance within the mind, body, and spirit by helping one become centered slowing down. Transforming negative energies into positivity. Improving one’s concentration, perception as well as abilities analytically.

Fluorite – It neutralizes stress and anxieties associated with negative energies. Fluorite is an excellent learning tool. It increases powers of concentration, Aids in decision making as well as self-confidence. It encourages positivity, improves coordination, and balance both physically and mentally as it balances the energies—blue fluorite aids in the precise communication of intuitive insights. Blue fluorite’s calm, serene energies bring inner peace.

Purple Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra bringing in common sense to psychic intuitions.  This stone is a great stone for grounding as well as harmonizing spiritual energies.  When working with the upper chakra system, Fluorite links the human mind to source energies or universal consciousness, developing a spiritual connection. Fluorite increases one’s intuitive abilities.

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz – This is a powerful combination of crystals. It is known to deflect all negative energies and release all energy blocks within the body. It also creates a protective field of energy. This crystal embodies the black tourmaline’s energies and the powerful vibrations of the Clear quartz crystal. The Clear quartz amplifies the properties of the Black Tourmaline energies. The tourmaline purifies its own energies and protects from negativity. While the Clear quartz amplifies energies focused through it, this combination creates a powerful shield from negative energies.

This is a powerful grounding stone. It Strengthens one’s energy field against invasion. It also diverts environmental influences. It is an effective problem solver as it is seen as the symbol of unity. It wipes out crystallized patterns that potentially were destructive in one’s life, releasing anxieties and tensions at all levels. It harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Psychologically it helps to unify and heal the shadow energies, releasing self-sabotage. This combination also harmonizes the meridians, subtle bodies, and chakras.

Abalone shell – This is great to assist in calming and soothing one’s emotions. Showing us that peace and light can be revealed after a rocky ride. Abalone assists in dealing with emotions. Our emotions are where anxieties ride. Abalone helps one cope with emotional turmoil, enhancing our peaceful feelings, as well as love and compassion. It is a great tool for trauma survivors. Abalone is known to develop in the ocean slowly. This associates it with the emotional tides we face, such as anxieties, sensitivities, and self-awareness. The Abalone comes from nature. It is linked with the heartiness of water. This creates the gentleness of the sea within the holder, providing stillness within one’s emotions, love, and compassion.

Spiritually Abalone has been used for offering prayers to the divine source. It facilitates to empower the psychic growth along with one’s intuition as well as imagination.

Rose Quartz – Most everyone who has a collection has rose quartz. Rose quartz is a potent healing stone, especially where love is concerned. It is a great stone for healing emotions. The high vibrational frequencies emitted from a rose quartz stone can soothe emotional wounds that often cause anxiety within the human body. Rose quartz helps you tap into your feelings, creating emotional healing inviting you into your own heart center. Opening you up to break away from judgment as you practice gratitude within. It is a great piece to use while meditating. Bring it over your heart during your meditation process so it can connect to your heart chakra. Then you can sit with the emotions that will arise, sending love to the emotion no matter if it is a negative one or positive emotion. This will allow the energies to shift into positive ones. This is especially potent if you do affirmations while meditating. You can picture a pink light of love cleansing your entire energy field and body. Send love to all the areas of your life. This will also shift negative energies. Rose Quartz is a good stone to use in self-care. It has the ability to soothe and calm the skin.

Crystal healing can be an extremely effective way to help one with anxieties in life, no matter the reason. It can help calm one’s emotions while grieving and coping with out-of-control emotions and anxieties. It is also a great way to explore and explode one’s spiritual senses.

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How your feelings fuel you.

How your feelings fuel you.

Do you know that your thoughts fuel your emotions? Here are some examples of how.

If you think, “I can’t stand my boss,” that thought is expressing a strong negative feeling you have about your boss, and you are giving out that negative feeling.  Therefore, your relationship with your boss will continue to get worse. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.
If you think I work with some fabulous people in my job, those words express the positive feeling you have about the people you work with, and you are giving out that positive feeling. Therefore, your relationships with your work colleagues will continue to get better. Like attracts like.

The emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so it will take form.

Like everything else in life, your feelings can be either positive or negative.  You have good feelings or bad feelings. All good feelings come from love. All negative feelings come from a lack of love.  The better you feel, like when you feel joyful, happy, or peaceful, the more love you give out. And the more love you give, the more you receive in return.

The worse you feel, like when you feel angry, the more negativity you give out. And the more negativity you give, the more negativity you receive back into your life. You feel so bad with negative feelings because LOVE is the positive force of life, and negative feelings do not have much love, if any, in them. Thankfully, we can shift our thoughts, which shifts our emotions, which shifts the outcome.

The better you feel, the better life gets.

The worse you feel, the worse life gets, until you change how you feel. When you feel good, your thoughts are automatically good too. You cannot feel good and have negative thoughts at the same time. Likewise, it is impossible for you to feel bad and have good thoughts at the same time.
3 things you can do daily to fuel your everyday life.

3 things you can do on a daily basis to fuel your life or your day in a positive direction.
1) Take a couple of minutes to sit with yourself and take some deep breaths in, and then release your breath, releasing any and all negative energy or feelings. I recommend doing this at least 3 times. Finding a positive intention for your day to focus your attention on.

2ndly Journal about the positive things that are in your life; it will bring more of it.
Suppose you journal about all the negative things, such as how someone cut you off in line today at the grocery store that draws just more of that. So be sure and journal things that evoke happy, loving feelings, not sad or negative feelings.

3rdly fuel your mind with positive daily affirmations.  Filling your mind with loving and joyful statements will bring just that much more love and joy into your life, and we all want that.

So stay aware of the fuel you are feeding your body, your mind, and your soul. Fuel yourself with love. The love we all deserve. It will overflow into many areas of your life. It will help keep anxious feelings at bay as well as elevate your moods.

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Our feelings are our human fuel

Our feelings are our human fuel.

Human Fuel
Your life is made up of only two kinds of things positive things and negative things. Each area of your life, whether it is your health, money, relationships, work, or happiness, is either positive or negative to you. It either makes you feel good or bad. You either have plenty of money, or you lack money. You are beaming in good health, or you lack good health. Your relationships are either happy and good or difficult and hard. Your work is either exciting and successful or dissatisfying and unsuccessful. You are filled with happiness, or you do not feel good most of the time. You have good years or bad years, good times, or bad times.
If you have more negative things than positive things in your life, then something is very wrong, and you know it. You see other happy and fulfilled people and whose lives are full of great things, and something tells you that you deserve all that too. And you are right; you do deserve a life abundant with good things.

We are feeling beings. From the moment we are born, we are always feeling something. You can stop your conscious thoughts when you are sleeping, but you can never stop feeling because to be alive is to feel life. You are a feeling being to the core of you, and so it is no accident that every part of your human body is created so you can feel life.

You have a sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch so that you can feel everything in life. They are feeling senses because they enable you to feel what you see, feel what you hear, feel what you taste, feel what you smell, and touch. Your entire body is covered with a fine layer of skin, a feeling organ so that you can feel everything physically. How you feel in any one moment is more important than anything else because how you feel RIGHT NOW is creating your life. What kind of life do you want to create? A healthy, positive life? Or a sad, angry, negative feeling life? We as humans have the power to create, call in with our feelings. We have the power to change or shift negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This, in turn, creates a shift within our entire life. It shifts our focus and attention, which shifts what we energetically call into our vortex our life. Your feelings are your fuel.
Your thoughts and words have no power at all in your life without your feelings. You think so many thoughts in a day that do not amount to anything because many of your thoughts do not elicit a strong feeling within you. It is what you feel that matters.

Image your thoughts and words as being like a car, and your feelings are the fuel. A car cannot move without fuel; it takes fuel to make the engine run. It is the same with your thoughts and words. Your thoughts and words are vehicles that cannot do anything without your feelings because your feelings are the power of your thoughts and words.