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6 ways Source Energy Therapy helps with anxiety?

6 ways Source Energy Therapy helps with anxiety?

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Source energy therapy is not just one modality. While Reiki is primarily the one that I speak of, Reiki is a great source for helping with anxiety there are many other techniques that are also great resources in helping with anxiety. Such as the Emotional freedom technique or commonly known as EFT. In source energy therapy the important thing is to call in our higher selves and our guides, higher source (God) to guide us as we are only the conduit for such things as Reiki. They can guide us intuitively to know where energy is needed. Each one of us is made of different and extremely specific to us experiences in life being them physical or mental or emotional, we all react or resonate to different modalities in different ways. With source energy therapy we strive to find the one that most fits you personally as well as your experiences to help you heal and restore your pure essence of love and joy as quickly and effectively as possible.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is often a normal and healthy emotion. Anxiety can lead to excessive worry, fear apprehension, as well as nervousness. This can become extremely severe so much so that it creates a disturbance in everyday life cycles.  Anxiety can cause disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorders or panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms include stress that is out of proportion to the shock of the experience. Not able to set aside worry and agitation, nervousness, uneasiness. Unable to concentrate, Fatigue. Feelings of fear or panic to the extreme of avoiding things or places you may have once enjoyed. Anxiety can be a symptom of an underlying disease or disorder of many types. Many people are not aware of this. One example would be Menopause. Many women who are going through that very delicate time in one’s life where their bodies are undergoing big changes do not realize that anxiety is one of the symptoms that if you are aware can be easily and effectively treated.

What triggers anxiety?

A variety of events can trigger anxiety. It can also be triggered by a series of smaller events. Some examples of that might be: Death of a loved one or a friend. Ongoing financial stress. Certain personality types are prone to anxiety disorders. I personally have Hereditary Angioedema or also referred to as HAE. One of the symptoms of this is anxiety. I have learned to be aware of my body and the subtle symptoms it gives me allowing me to take action to alleviate or reduce the stress that causes or triggers the symptoms. This did not happen overnight it has been a lifelong lesson in learning to pay attention to my body when it is giving me subtle hints, so I do not end up in a full-blown attack of HAE. A full-blown attack is different for each individual just as the cause of symptoms is unique to us.  Be this HAE or an anxiety attack each is unique as are the ways one chooses to address it.  It is especially important to take action steps and discover what it is that triggers your anxiety. By doing this you may be able to take action steps to prevent it from taking over or from having full-blown disabling panic attacks.

How can source energy therapy help with anxiety?

Reiki is one of the modalities we use in source energy therapy to assist clients who suffer from anxiety disorders. Reiki is a universal energy that has its own consciousness following universal laws. What this means is when you apply Reiki, the higher vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy will flow in and transmute the lower frequency. Things such as an illness that are considered a lower frequency.  Anxiety is considered a disorder and can be severe enough that it affects ones breathing. Reiki helps you relax and eases tension within one’s body to allow the anxieties to dissipate.  Another way is by using

EFT or emotional freedom technique. This process interrupts the negatively based pathway connections within the brain, or you may think of it as a negative thought pattern within the brain.  EFT interrupts this process. It sends a signal to the brain to react calmly rather than in fear. It is a fairly simple process of using tapping points on your body as you use positive affirmations. Again this interrupts the process of negatively based neural connections.

Breathing exercises are another way to help anxiety. When one breathes deeply it helps the body lower stress. It sends messages to the brain that are calm and relaxing in nature. Inhale and exhale slowly.

Guided Meditation is another way to send messages to the brain to help calm anxiety and interrupt the negatively based neural connections in the brain. Many guided meditations have very relaxing side effects that calm’s one’s entire body helping one to recenter and breathe in a calm manner relieving anxieties rather quickly.

Exercise is another way to help with anxiety. Daily exercise releases endorphins in one’s body that help maintain our overall health. It is a great way to prevent anxiety from creeping in unexpectedly.

Seek guidance: You may want to talk with someone who has experience with anxiety that can help you in identifying your triggers or help you decide if your circumstances may be out of your control and you may need to seek professional medical assistance if your particular anxiety is brought on by a disease or disorder. While all these techniques work wonders in most cases if your body is under physical stress that may need to be addressed in unison with the use of the techniques for optimum results.

While using any of these modalities it is important to go within and check-in with one’s higher self to be sure it resonates with you and the outcome you are looking for. That can be done in many ways. Source energy therapy can guide you along the path if you so choose.

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