What is Source Energy?

What is Source Energy

Is source energy a religion? Is source energy a human form? Is source energy a spirit form?

Source energy is often referred to as a higher power, god energy, spirit, some call it universal energy.

It is often sensed or felt in different ways. For some it is a presence for others it is a knowing yet for some it is a feeling of connection to a higher knowingness or power within.

Source energy itself is not a religion. For it may be a driving force within a religion. It is not in itself that. It is something you feel like a vibration awakened within your energy field of life. Without this source energy how would plants know to turn to the light to grow? How would we as humans know to be guided by light as we leave this earth plain. Animals often innately have instincts that derive from a higher source. Just as us humans know we need to listen to what our bodies tell us. When we begin to turn inward and pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we begin to realize we are not alone. There is guidance within our own selves. Most disregard or do not understand its existence.

I know for me I was always told there was a god. I was told to listen to him. I was told that the bible was the only way to hear him. All other forms were demonic. I have found out that there are many ways to communicate and be communicated with source energy. By no means am I dismissing scripture. I am merely pointing out there are many other ways and forms of communicating with source energy or god, higher power what ever the words of choice are for you.

Let’s dive in for a moment and ask how can one call “God” source energy? Well first if you believe in god most believe or have read the bible which tells us in Genesis that god has created everything. That would include all matter and energy. Some say because he created it, he cannot be it. Therefor conclude he can not be energy. They may go on to say god is personal and has plans and works to bring them about so he can not be a form of energy. (Genesis12:7) He speaks, (Exodus 19:8) He enters into covenant relationships. (Genesis 6:18) God Loves people (Romans 5:8) Some say energy can not do any of these things.

Energy Science and Quantum physics

Here is where we need to bring in some energy science as well as quantum physics for a bit more understanding. Let’s review a little of both for a moment.

Energy is defined as the capacity to perform work. According to the first law of thermodynamics, the total amount of energy in the universe is not capable of being created or destroyed it is constant. It can only change from one form to another. Some common forms of energy are solid mass or as non-solid matter. For example: sound, electrical, heat, light, kinetic (energy of motion) gravitational, potential (stored energy).

According to Quantum physics mass and energy are interchangeable and that mass is merely a manifestation of energy. This would mean humans are energy stored in mass particle form.

According to theories associated with the universal energy field. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes, are made up of energy. When applied to the human body every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and body system is composed of energy that when they overlap each other it creates the human energy field.

So it only makes sense that if god is energy and our bodies are made up of energy and he has created us like plants and animals with an innate ability know, to hear, see, and feel. To go into the sun light to grow and live. It is a universal force found in all living thing.








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