What is a mentor?

What is a mentor

What is a mentor? According to the dictionary it is an experienced and trusted advisor. An experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students. Teachers, coaches, therapists, preachers, all could fall into this.

 Do you or have you ever had a mentor?

  • Are we meant to go through life with one mentor?
  •  Maybe at different times in our life we have different mentors for different things?

For example, I ran a childcare and I had a woman I very much looked up to who mentored me as I learned the tricks of the trade one might say. My father was an Elder (Preacher) in the church I attended as a child I very much followed his lead as well as other elders. There were mothers within the congregation that I was raised in that I looked up to and was mentored by. As I transitioned out of my carrier in childcare and into life coaching, I had other mentors that were life coaches. Having someone to look up to and help you feel confident in your next steps helps you move forward in a more confident manner maybe even more quickly. Especially when you can model the path from start to finish and see the amazing results they have.

Have you ever been let down by a mentor?

What happens when You find yourself in a place of feeling let down by each one of your mentors? You can see the potential greatness they have or had, however it fizzled out or worse yet turned into a horrific expierence for you. What if it leaves you feeling untrusting? What if you do not even realize it? What if you now question everyone? How do you move forward? You find that you do not trust teachers or preachers or anyone in a higher power?

I was recently asked if I have a mentor? I have been thinking about this for weeks. I have had many and each one of them ended very badly. The woman who mentored me in childcare I had to turn her in for child abuse. She was great in so many ways. She knew the business aspects however some things are just purely unacceptable when it comes to children and their wellbeing.  I was guided in my church by elders who abused their power, lied, cheated, physically and mentally and sexually abused members dear to my heart as well as myself. I can remember trying to turn a blind eye trying to make excuses for their behavior because it was so painful to bear the truth of it all. My life coaching expierence not so drastic, however looking for the mistakes that you are sure to find in human error. That kept my heart safe from fears I did not even know were hiding in the shadows. I allowed subconscious fears to feed me thoughts that were fear based and kept me stuck instead of moving in a forward motion.

The question now remains how does one move forward?

With or without a mentor? In my next blog I will dive into a couple of questions. What is some positive aspect of having a mentor? What are some draw backs? What kinds of things should you look for in a mentor? Can one heal from such an experience? How?







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