The three degrees in Usui Reiki

The three degrees in Usui Reiki

In Usui Reiki, there are 3 degrees. You Must receive an attunement from a reiki master for each degree in Reiki. An attunement aligns with your top 3 Chakras. During an attunement, the master places symbols into the chakras. They are your crown, third eye, and your throat chakra, as well as the palms of your hands. This allows the flow of Universal energy to increase. This energy has an incredible ability to bring the chakras into balance and harmony as it removes unwanted negative energies from one’s auric field. It helps bring one’s body into balance Our bodies have ancestral memories of things that may have happened in previous lifetimes. It is not necessary to believe in past lives to practice Reiki. We all have innate energy that flows through our bodies and the attunement expands it to another level. Things that you may begin to notice after an attunement is that your hands may feel warm or even hot especially while you are using Reiki.  The first-degree Reiki attunement opens one up to heal yourself and others, as well as plants and animals.


When taking Reiki one you will learn in greater depth about the attunement process and how the energy works for you as the practitioner as well as your client.  You will also be given the sacred symbols. The symbols are a signal to the brain as well as the body to be open to flowing even greater energy through the body. Reiki symbols and their representation connect you with source energy. The symbols will be with you forever. There will not be a need to receive them again. With each level in Usui Reiki, you will receive additional symbols. You will be taught how to draw the symbols as well as how and when to use them.

Hand placements

In Reiki I, you will learn about hand placements on your client as well as placements for self-healing sessions.  In more advanced classes some Masters will give you the tools to know where to place hands to assist in releasing energy blocks in particular organs. Reiki is never to be used in replacement of your physician or any medical treatments. It may assist in the process however it is important to listen to and follow up with your physician for mental and medical treatments.

 Reiki II

The second-degree Reiki attunement deepens and increases the universal source energy flow. The first-degree energy is amplified on a deeper emotional level as well as mental level. Students are taught how to send Reiki long-distance as well as future or different points in time.

You will be taught about the Aura energy field and the different types of layers of energy fields that surround the body, as well as how to protect and cleanse it for yourself as well as clients. This phenomenon has been demonstrated by scientists and physicists’ numerous times in history. Therefore laying on of hands or praying for someone long distance is effective.

Reiki III

The third-degree Reiki attunement is very spiritual. It deepens the healing on a soul level. This is the final level in Usui Reiki, it is called the Master level. You receive the ability to pass it on to others as a teacher. You are taught how to give attunements. You will receive ideas as to how to begin your practice, as well as it amplifies your 1st and 2nd-degree energies. It opens you up for “higher self” contact.

Often in Reiki classes, you are taught on a deeper level more about chakras. How they work and the benefits of using reiki to open and clear chakras. Many Master teachers will teach you how to connect to your higher source energy and use your intuition in your practice as well as everyday life.






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