Source Energy, Reiki, and how it can benefit your clients that are grieving

When someone is in a state of grieving the Heart chakra is the one that is the most impacted. It can affect all their chakras. They may become imbalanced. Grief is an energy-depleting emotion. This is important to remember because our bodies need the energy to be and stay healthy.

We need to derive this energy from different sources such as energy from the foods we consume daily. Energy from keeping our bodies moving. Exercise is an important part. We also derive energy from being outdoors in nature.

When we go outdoors barefooted, we can bring up Source energy through our feet and legs into our energy centers raising our vibrations and replenishing all our chakras.

When one is grieving if they do not make a conscious effort to replace the energy that grieving uses one is highly likely to start to feel the effects from it in their bodies. Slowing them down. Possible sickness.

One’s body, mind, and soul can only undergo this for so long before they feel the effects and become ill, find themselves in physical pain, or weakness in the body.

There are also many emotional effects such as anxiety and panic attacks that can occur if one’s energy centers or chakras are depleted or not working properly. It is common for one to become ill while grieving. One can feel as if their mind is in a complete fog.

One’s heart can feel as if it is completely broken and they feel completely disconnected from their bodies.

Spiritually a griever may become disconnected from one’s higher self, as a result, maintaining spiritual health and wellbeing becomes difficult. This is where Reiki can benefit a griever.

One can receive it from a Reiki practitioner or give it to one’s self if they are Reiki I or higher attuned. Being the Reiki energy comes from source it will not further deplete the griever’s energies to flow Reiki energy to themselves.

The symptoms of grief and benefits of Reiki almost match each other 1 for 1. Reiki replaces and balances and Strengthens the flow of energy in one’s body. This will ease anxiety, pain, and improve one’s sleep. Reiki enhances the body’s ability to heal itself by activating the natural healing processes.

Reiki energy knows exactly where it is most needed to heal and balance one’s body, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. That does not mean your client’s symptoms will magically disappear however it will become easier for your client to deal with griefs ups and downs.

The calm that Reiki brings with it gives a griever the courage and stamina to deal with the grieving process. It is also an opportunity for the griever to relax and let the emotions flow without judgment during a Reiki treatment.

So often society has made it feel like we need to be strong and hold in our emotions and it is quite to the contrary. That will create more sickness within our bodies. So you may want to be sure your client feels no judgment and is aware of the extreme emotions that may flow during a session. Giving them permission to allow the sadness to escape. Taking the time to be sad is ultimately what gets us through the grief process. When we cry it is a cleansing process it washes out those negative energies or feelings allowing space for happy memories to shine through, or simply allows room for positive energies that will help your client cope with the loss.

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