Reiki and our energy centers play a part in our grief

Reiki and our energy centers play a part in our grief.

Within this segment of blogs, we will be talking about how reiki can help someone who is grieving; however, I think it is important that we start with some basics of reiki. Then move into an overview of energy centers, and the effects of grief. Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes relaxation responses in the body and natural healing ability. Reiki dissolves the semblance of fear. It also empowers your true self to reveal your authentically loving soul. Filling our entire vitality with peace and love so you can overcome all obstacles.

Reiki and our energy centers play a part in our grief.

Energy basics

Nikola Tesla an electrical engineer and an American inventor “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency, and vibration”. Through quantum physics, it was found that atoms are spinning and vibrating vortexes of energy. If everything is made up of atoms that would mean everything is made up of energy. Some forms of energy are, kinetic, nuclear, chemical to name a few. We use many different forms of energy daily, for example, light is made up of colors. Since it is made up of different wave links, red, having the slowest yet longest wave link. Violet having the fastest yet shortest wave link. Our emotional, spiritual, and physical components of our life are affected by lights and color. For example, when we spend a lot of time in a dark room, we often feel drained emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. It has been known to cause depression as well as anxiety. When we spend time out in the sun in the light we often feel emotionally, and physically, and spiritually, rejuvenated, and energized. Energy is an important part of everyday life. Reiki energy helps us stay balanced as well as heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Reiki centers and unblocks the body’s energy centers. Also known as chakras. Information about energy centers was not part of the original teachings of Reiki. It was added in when Reiki came to the west to help people better understand how Reiki works in conjunction with energy and the body.

  7 energy centers or chakras in the body

  1. Root chakra
  2. Sacral chakra
  3. Solar plexus chakra
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Throat chakra
  6. 3rd Eye chakra
  7. Crown chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. Each wheel has a circular or spiral shape. Each chakra has a color it represents. Chakras are located along one’s spine. Each chakra has specific elements they must all work together in order for the human body to work optimally and stay healthy. When these energy centers are not working properly it creates pain, and many different illnesses within the body as well as mentally and spiritually. Our entire bodies work optimally when all our chakras are aligned and vibrating correctly. Next, we will learn more about each chakra and how it specifically works. What color each one is associated with. We will learn where each one of the seven listed is located within our bodies.







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