Reiki and holiday grief

Thanksgiving for me as a child was nonexistent. All holidays were. Due to my parent’s religious beliefs of choice. We were raised that we gave thanks every day. I have memories of being allowed on a few occasions to travel with my grandparents to thanksgiving with family. My memories of it are of peace and happiness between loved ones. The guests were not all family however chosen family as well. I remember the Christmas tree being put up if it was not already, how big, and bright it was. The smell in the air. So much cheer and silliness from all the cousins running around becoming reacquainted as did the adults that had not seen each other for some time. Most of my holidays were just a normal every day. I did not even realize there was a holiday happening.

I found Myself at a place in life where I had kids of my own, newly divorced, Loss of my son, and banished from a religion I had know all my life. Making the choice to learn and create a life for me and my family in a new way. One without Judgement and banishment for not following rules. I embark on this journey I felt as if I was navigating in the dark for all I knew was what my parents had taught me and I was not allowed to have friends outside the religion so my resources were very limited as was my confidence. I had so many choices in front of me and surely did not know what directions were better than others. Simple things like allowing my kids to play sport or not. Those were big heavy decisions. Holidays were another BIG decision. In trying to navigate all that had happened in such a short time. I drew from my childhood expierence of a particular holiday. I was allowed to accompany my grandparents to my cousins. It was all the beautiful thigs I described above. I wanted nothing less than my children to feel and expierence it in their lives. There was just one problem. I had no family except my 3 sons that were not part of the religion I had come from, That could join us in creating such an amazing expierence. With a heavy heart when this realization became. I decided everything starts somewhere. I decided we were going to have a thanksgiving. We were going to create our own new traditions. I was desperate for happiness and love in our lives. I prayed out loud one night not even knowing if I believed in a god. Spilling my soul in a way I never had before. Asking for my house to be filled with love and laughter and joy of friendships.

Receiving from source

Fast forward 16 years. Many holidays have come and gone some better than others. Many of them with family of choice not blood, from kids traveling from other countries for education, to families in need, to truck drivers parked trying to provide for families they had at home. Thanksgiving being filled with my favorite memories as my kids grew into men and have now brought the joys and laughter of their children to this special day. Many prayers were answered.

Alone on holidays

Today on thanksgiving I find myself sitting alone in gratitude even though my heart is heavy, and my house is empty. I have also learned how to heal such a heavy heart with source energy. As my anxiety races and tears flow, I align myself with source and allow the beauty of the calm to come in. Reiki has many benefits when we are feeling such a sense of loss even if the loss is just temporary. The source energy when applied flows to the area of the mind, body, or spirit that it is most needed in that moment guided by source/the universal energies, god giving the griever relief in ways they may not even know they need or understand.

Reiki Principles:

Just for today I will let go of anger

Just for today I will let go of worry

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living being.

Grief comes in many forms. Source energy therapies can help relieve the feelings associated with grief such as hopelessness, confusion, loss of faith, and more. Next we will look at how our chakras are associated with grief and spiritual awareness.







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