Reiki and an energy exchange

Reiki and an energy exchange

Is it ethical to give Reiki without the exchange of energy or money?

As spiritual professionals know it is important to complete the energy circuits. That is what is meant by energy exchange. When one receives something of value and gives something in return. There are many ways one can do this within their reiki practice.

Money is a form of energy exchange

Money is a form of an energy exchange. Money can be an evil or blessed form of energy exchange depending upon the intentions of the giving as well as receiving it. Many things can be misused in this same way as money such as love. When one misuses their intention with love it can be harmful as well as money. For one to assume another’s intentions behind using money as a form of energy exchange may be a form of judgment, so let’s open ourselves up to listening to our own highest good and guides. Go within and ask what you are guided to do to receive and give as an energy exchange in this 3d space?

Things to take into consideration when determining what is best for you when it comes to an energy exchange?

This may be a very personal question no two may agree on. There are many valid opinions as well as ideas on this matter. Be sure you are checking in with your higher self frequently when determining what best suits you today. We are living in a fast-paced changing world.

As an energy healer one gives much more than just the healing session such as Reiki. A practitioner also has an energy exchange for the space they provide to be able to perform the session you will receive in an ethical manner with proper privacy. This most often also requires electricity for heat to keep you comfortable and lights. There is also an exchange of personal time and energy the practitioner must exude. They also use personal time and energy to create a vibration within the physical space by bringing in crystals and possibly oils as well as music that creates the personal essence their higher selves guide in doing.

All of this varies from one practitioner to another. Some may open their homes to be able to serve you. A practitioner may also use their personal time to energetically cleanse the area they use before and after each session ensuring it is ready for you to receive the best possible experience.

All of what I have said varies from one practitioner to another as well as the needs of each client and the type of energy exchange.

Forms of energy exchange

Energy healing is pure energy from source. We as practitioners often have an innate sense of intuition. Optimally we give our healings with an unconditional love beyond an exchange, however, practitioners also have responsibilities within this 3D world to be able to assist others with energy healing. I have personally done trading as a means of energy exchange. This could be for things such as accounting or coaching or healing for healing from another practitioner of a different modality. There are endless things one could trade for that will create an unconditional exchange of energy. However, you as a practitioner choose to complete the circuit always do it with everyone involved highest and best at heart full of love. The universe will take care of the rest.






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