Networking with a Reiki circle

What is a reiki circle?

A Reiki circle is also known as a reiki share by some Reiki practitioners. At a reiki circle or share practitioners of all levels and types of reiki may be included to join to do just that share reiki. They give and receive reiki freely to one another. They bring in their positive energies and join them together to create a positive healing and Collective consciousness environment to share source energy.  Generally, there is no cost or low cost maybe donations typically to cover expenses of the space.

Reiki circles are also known to be of great value to one that may be suffering from trauma, grief or anxiety, or various other things. When they come together collectively focusing on one goal the results are often astounding.

There are no set rules or laws for holding a reiki circle. I have encouraged the practitioners I have invited to mine to bring someone who is not familiar with reiki and its powerful energies. This is an opportunity for them to learn and see firsthand how it works and it opens networking opportunities through them having an amazing experience.

Another addition to this could be inviting people to come in virtually, through zoom or skype using distance Reiki.

A sample format for a Reiki circle

  • Decide on a space that will be appropriate for your event. You will need room for a minimum of one massage table. I have had up to 4 tables at an event. Space enough for seating. I prefer to seat the practitioners in a circle however it is not a must.
  • You may choose an outdoor space so long as weather is permitting
  • You will need to pick a date to hold your event.
  • Personally, I like to have a written agenda to help keep things moving smoothly. (example. begin at 9:00 am with a grounding meditation, Introductions, etc.) You do not have to follow it, use it as a guideline, and have fun.
  • Choose your time frame. The agenda helps know how much time you will need for space so you can pick your hours.
  • Guestlist,
  • You can choose many ways to get the word out. Facebook, text messages, phone calls. Twitter
  • Ask for RSVP as well as if they will be joining physically or virtually
  • Select a music list. I often choose Reiki music from Youtube, they have a great variety.
  • Be sure and have a timer at the event so you can keep the time, so each person has an opportunity to receive reiki.
  • You can send a special invitation to someone inviting them to bring singing bowls or drums. Then add that into your invitation as a special guest.
  • I have also had someone who led us in a chakra toning exercise that was an amazing experience of how all of us who do not practice came together with beautiful tones.
  • Decide if you would like to offer refreshments, Such as lemon water, fruit, nuts, cookies, tea.

The important thing here is to check in with your inner guidance on what feels right for you and make it a joyful experience for all this makes follow-up connections possible later and when we have a great experience we as humans innately talk about it and connect. networking at its finest.






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