Important aspects of grief

Important aspects of grief

3 important aspects of grief are

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Spiritual

Physical Aspects

The physical aspect of grief is how our bodies react to grief or respond. Predominantly the body reacts to grief with sadness or crying. Another way our bodies react physically to grief is through our stress hormones. These hormones kick in and result in us becoming more prone to illness or disease. Physical symptoms of grief may look like a loss of appetite or even over-eating. Headaches, or even flu-like symptoms. If a griever does not address the physical symptoms, they may not have enough energy or stamina to cope with the loss, more serious illness can then occur. Trouble sleeping can also be a physical aspect of one grieving. Another common physical aspect is anxiety at times it can cause what is referred to as an anxiety attack this can feel like you are losing control or going crazy. You can have chest pain as well as heart palpitations, trouble breathing, feeling like one may pass out. If any of these become bothersome it might be best to seek professional help from your M.D.

Emotional Aspects

Emotional aspects of grief would be ways in which the heart reacts to grief. Sadness is one of the emotions a griever shows This does help others to see what the griever is going through and is a good indication one may need comfort. People who are grieving have a wide range of feelings. Depending on the person as well as what they are grieving can depend on the emotions that are being shown. A griever may be in shock, or numbness, denial, despair, anger, loneliness, guilt, depression, some even find a sense of relief or yearning. We are all vastly different in our physical and emotional makeup so no two people will grieve a loss the same. A Griever may find it difficult to accept the emotions, as well as the loss and that, may make it difficult to cope with many other things in life.

Important aspects of grief

Spiritual Aspects

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs spiritual doubts, as well as questions, come in when we are dealing with grief. One may start to question their basic belief system Often questions come up when a loved one passes, or one is deeply grieving another type of loss. Questions about their basic beliefs about god, the afterlife. Some turn to god and find deep healing and a source of strength. Others begin to question their religious teachings and sources and find them shaken from what once their foundation was. Many have feelings of being abandoned by god. Feelings of anger towards God are common as well for allowing such things to happen. We all respond to loss in different ways. People have many different beliefs as well as cultural beliefs about death as well as the afterlife.

When a death occurs often people are forced to revisit the spiritual questions, they may not have given much thought to before. The questions that our hearts hold about the meaning of life. Where do I go when I die, or my loved ones die? Who am I? Why am I here? There are many ways to get help in answering such questions. Next, I will be talking about source energy – Reiki and how it helps with grief.







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