How do you manifest or create the life you want?

How do you manifest or create the life you want?

I am going to give you 5 tips or ways that can help you manifest or create your best life one that makes you feel joyful and positive.

  • You need to get yourself out of a negative mindset, you need to think positive thoughts. When you think a thought a positive or a negative thought alike thought will rush in to join it so when we intentionally set ourselves up to find positive thoughts more positive thoughts join and our energy becomes much more positive. Even if at first our positive thoughts feel forced.

Instead of feeling or thinking in a doubtful mindset like oh I do not know if that would work for me?  Try this thought. What if it does work? What if I were to become that happy person?  What if I could make true friendships? What if I let go of the anger and felt happiness?

  • Visualize your goals or dreams falling INTO place it will help you feel strong and powerful as well as optimistic throughout your day. When you find yourself waiting inline or in a dr. office or in traffic instead of feeling frustrated at this wasted time use it constructively for visualizing or enjoying a daydream. Be sure you feel good when you visualize your dreams your feelings are particularly important. An example If you want new friendships visualize yourself talking on the phone and laughing, or out shopping or doing something you enjoy together laughing feeling happy secure.
  • Call upon your spirit guides and source energy to guide you in living your best life. Use Reiki to help ease your stress and any anxieties that may come up.
  • Choose some affirmations to write or read or repeat every day. Choose a topic you wish to improve upon creating your own positive affirmations to repeat each day. Feel the power of your words know it is true for you, believe in yourself. I have a little Journal I write affirmations every day sometimes more than once a day. Some of these would include affirmations like…I am valuable, I allow my vision of my future to be as big as I want. I believe my goals in life are possible. I am attracting my ideal clients daily. These are just some examples of what I use for me and my life. Be creative this is your life and your dreams you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This is just a tool and will help you have the right mind set.
  • Create a vision board, or if you are computer savvy create a slide show on your computer. Look at it daily. Use this along with your visualization session if you wish. As you go about your day feel that you are already a part of these things that you desire. If you are trying to move past anger place a picture of yourself feeling happy like maybe when you got your first car and remember those feelings and know that you can feel them again. Visualize those feelings you once had close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself today feeling that happy feeling.
  • Be Grateful! Be grateful for all that you have and for all that you are. Be grateful for the roof over your head, the bed you sleep in, your mate your children, your health, the song you are listening to. If you want something more in your life you must show gratitude for what you have in your life now. Become a person with an attitude for gratitude.







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