How can Reiki Help you?

How can Reiki Help you?

Reiki is used to harmonize the human body, mind and spirit. When the body, mind and spirit become unbalanced it allows room for illness to come in.

When we return the entire being to harmony and balance with itself as well as with mama earth and the universe true wellness is reached. Healing begins when we find our own true desire to be whole and well. We need the motivation as well at the intention to act on our own behalf or we can not become well. Reiki is a means to empowering ourselves, and others to become whole in all the ways.

The Reiki shift

  • Reiki promotes the bodies natural abilities to heal itself.
  • It enhances the effects of traditional medical therapies.
  • It has the ability to increase one’s stamina and vitality
  • It can also help alleviate physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual suffering
  • Reiki can be used on all ages, races, ethnic groups and religions.
  • Reiki has the ability to remove blocked energies that are trapped inside your body causing different types of illness.
  • Reiki encompasses and embraces doctrines and dogmas and gently brings light to the understanding of the mind, peace to the emotions, Joy to the spirit.

The continued use of Reiki will expand the mind and open a panorama of understanding in a loving and non-threatening way.  Reiki is light. Reiki is one of the most powerful techniques known to cut through veils that have come through generations of religious backgrounds to allow individuals to discover the essence and truth in which all religions have been founded. Reiki guides you to the source where all things are seen clearly. Reiki brings Balance order and harmony. They are the 3 master keys to attaining all that we desire.

 Examples of how Reiki has helped others.

Here I will share with you how Reiki has helped shift grief. I will tell you a story about a young woman a good friend of mine named Victoria. Victoria was in her late 30’s she was a mom of two beautiful children. A wife, a sister, and a daughter. She worked full time. Her father was a medical doctor, Dr. Thompson. When ever there was a illness with-in the family they would consult him, on occasion he would take them to consult with other Dr’s.  One Memorial Day weekend there was a tragic accident. Dr. Thompson was up working on his roof and slipped and fell from his ladder. His cabin was over an hour away from the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, Dr. Thompson did not survive. Victoria was remarkably close to her father. They Spent all of their holidays and weekends working as families on projects and her father helped her with making jewelry, metalsmithing.

After Victoria’s father passed, she started having trouble sleeping and eating and functioning in everyday life. She was grieving. For any of you who have lost someone close to you, you can heartfeltly understand the depth of emotional pain one goes through in such a time.

I offered my dear friend a Reiki treatment. She was very skeptical she had never experienced energy work before and was not even sure she believed it would work.  She text me one day not capable of dealing with basic life and I again offered her Reiki explaining that I can not tell you exactly how it will help your grief however it is god force energy and he knows what you best need at this moment.  She agreed to come for a treatment.

She arrived I could tell she was a little nervous after all we had been friends for many years. When I do a treatment, I set up my space with a massage table, soft reiki music, candles, and healing crystals. I also use a diffuser with essential oils to help ease any anxiety. She came in and settled in quickly. She laid on the table and I placed a small amethyst wand in her right hand. I spent the next 15 min or so placing my hands as my guides had been directing me, my eyes were closed, and I was rather relaxed knowing I was helping someone I deeply care for. An image came into my mind of a green stick figure person. It seemed odd for me. I normally do not see images while I work with clients. I opened my eyes and blinked and went on with the treatment. Suddenly it appeared again. This time it was as if it was on one side of a wall popping his head in then out. Then it disappeared. Then suddenly his arm did the same thing. Then his leg. My eyes popped open I was not sure what I was seeing. Then I remembered my Reiki Master Teacher telling us that it is possible for loved ones to come into a session not to be alarmed. I collected my thoughts and in my minds eye said if this is Victoria’s father Dr. Thompson and you would like me to give her a message I am open to receiving it. Then what came through was she needs to let me go and for her to do what she loves woodworking. I was confused at this point actually thinking to myself I am totally crazy and have lost my mind. Victoria does metalsmithing not woodworking.  As I am thinking that the same thing comes through. She needs to let me go and do what she loves woodworking.  Nothing more came through I completed the session as I usually would. However, I was trying to figure out how I was going to express this to my client or if I even should. I ask her a few questions to clarify my thoughts about her doing metalsmithing not woodworking and I was correct. I then decide not to tell her of my expierence. As the next week went bye, she texts me and told me how she had way less anxiety and was finally able to sleep through the night without dreaming and awakening in tears. I was overjoyed to hear that. However, I was constantly having a reoccurring thought in my head that I needed to give her that message and I was afraid to. I was afraid of what she would think of me or even loosing a good friend. I was to be leaving on a

cruise ship and decided just to incase something happened to me I needed to tell her. I invited her over and told her it was kind of urgent. I explained that something had happened during our session that I was not familiar with, so I had decided to do some research before I spoke of it. She was like ok??  I went on to explain about the green man coming in and out with his hand or head or foot. She burst into tears. She then said there is no way you could have known that my father played a game with me as a young girl at our front door where he did that as he came or left. With us both in tears “I said there is more”. He had a message to let him go and continue doing what you love woodworking. She again burst into tears. Then said that is why you asked if I did metalsmithing or woodworking? You would not know this either. I do my metalsmithing in his woodworking shop. Both of us with tears flowing down our face. That day many lessons were learned. You ask how can Reiki help you?







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