Emotional freedom technique sample session Reclaiming your power

Emotional freedom technique sample session Reclaiming your power

The emotional Freedom Technique or often referred to as tapping is based on Chinese medicine. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has taught that there is a flow of energy along pathways through your body called meridians. When this energy is flowing correctly, we experience our natural state of health and wellbeing. When this energy is stuck or disturbed in some way, we experience emotional discomfort, Such as fear, physical Illness, sometimes disease. When you stimulate these meridian points, it can balance them out. With acupuncture, they stimulate the meridian points with needles with tapping we use our fingers. There is also research showing that it greatly reduces levels of cortisol/ Cortisol is the stress hormone that gets released from the brain when we are in a place of fear it is a good thing to clear that out. All kinds of uncomfortable things can happen within the body when cortisol is released into the body and is not dealt with. Tapping helps clear it out so we can feel good again.

So to sum it up EFT is a method in which you tap on specific points on your body while talking about an issue of choice. You may say it is a way of creating endorphins or pleasure chemicals in your body’s energy system.

Refer to the picture for tapping points.

When you tap you create a state of wellbeing in your body and mind and your issues are most often reduced or completely go away.

So first let us rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how you feel about this issue of reclaiming your power?

10 being the most intense.

As we do a little sample here you may feel silly at first. Most people do Just hang in there and keep on tapping it will become more comfortable the more you do it.

Also if it brings up emotions let them flow and release energy. If tears come let them flow let that energy release from your body. Stagnant energies within our bodies create sickness, pain, as well as other yucky stuff we need to release.

I also must disclose to you I am not a licensed therapist to treat. If or when other things come up for you, you take full responsibility for your own wellbeing if you choose to tap.  I will not know that you need help. Please seek any professional help you may need.

Our topic today is I choose to reclaim my power.

Let us begin by starting with setting up and to do that we start tapping on the side of your hand called the carroty chop Just like this.

Collar bone:  To create the life I genuinely want Repeat after me as you tap on your hand just follow along best you can. It is especially important to complete this entire process even if it becomes emotionally difficult. If you feel tears let them flow and keep moving through the process. You will do amazing. Let us begin.

I choose to reclaim my power. I choose to deeply and completely love and honor and accept myself. I choose to reclaim my power. I choose to love and honor myself. I choose to reclaim my power. The power to live my life the way I choose the power to reclaim my feelings. The power to be who I wish to be. I choose to reclaim my power. I choose to deeply and completely love honor and accept myself, and maybe anyone I thought who may have taken my power away because this would be an amazing way to reclaim my power.

Now move to above the eye gently tapping in a quick motion continuing as you move through these next steps tapping in the same manner on each of these locations.

Above eye: I choose to reclaim my power

Side of eye:  I choose to reclaim my power

Under eye:  I may have given it away in the past.

Under nose: Now I am reclaiming my power.

Chin: It is mine to use

Underarm: I may have feelings of doubt than I can reclaim my power.

Top of head: it feels really hard.

Above eye: other people seem so much more powerful.

Side of eye: It really feels like they have power over me.

Under eye: I may really believe that they have power over me.

Under nose: There may have been situations where they did have power over me.

Chin: situations in my past.

Collar bone: There may be other situations where others have power over me, legal situations.

Underarm: but they do not have all the power.

Top of head: I have the power to choose my own attitude.

Above eye: and that is an amazing power.

Side of eye: I choose to use this power for good rather than evil.

Under eye: I am reclaiming my power.

Under nose: There have been times when I have given it away.

Chin: Not because I am a bad or stupid or weak person

Collar bone: because I was taught to give it away.

Underarm: part of me thought it was safer to give it away.

Top of head: I love and appreciate that part of me that was trying to take care of me.

Above eye: and now I am choosing to look at the situation.

Side of eye: and see that I can reclaim my power.

Under eye: It is my power.

Under nose: I can handle claiming my power.

Chin: I am allowing myself to feel confident about reclaiming my power

Collar bone: Feeling more and more powerful in every fiber of my being.

Underarm:  Allowing myself to truly reclaim my power.

Top of head: in body mind and spirit

Take a deep breath Release it.

If you are still feeling the need you can do this several more times. Often it does take multiple rounds to clear things.

EFT works on many different types of stress-related topics to reduce the anxieties in a specific area.






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