Crystals for shielding energy as an empath 2

Fluorite: Fluorite is unique in that it comes in various forms and colors. Fluorite is a type of glistening calcium with its own unique traits. There are subtle differences in fluorite. One thing they have in common is they are powerful cleaners.  Fluorite is a great stone for Empaths. It neutralizes negative energies and inspires light to rush in. This gives one happiness and joy despite the negative energies around. It provides balance among chaos as well as clarity, making sense of what is happening inside your head. Allowing you freedom from the overwhelming pain of others.

Color: The most common is violet, may also be Yellow, green, it exhibits a variety of colors

Chakra: Crown, and third eye. Clearing away overwhelming or chaotic energies leaving peace in its place.

Origin: Worldwide, China, USA.

Malachite: Malachite is a radiant green stone with splashes of color and an opaque finish giving a stunning pattern that is loved by many. This is considered to be one of the best empath protection stones by healers. It is frequently used in their practice. This stone shines the light on all the good surrounding you as it sweeps away the low vibrating energies. Malachite brings to mind your inner strength, also pulling to the forefront of your mind your wisdom. Malachite is a representation that gives emotional strength and endless compassion.

Color: Green

Chakra: Heart leaves us with the ability to release negative energies while embracing uplifting, positive ones.

Origin: Worldwide, Congo, Zambia, Australia.

Citrine: Citrine is a popular stone used in healing circles due to its vibrant sun-kissed color. It is also known to be a dynamic emotional cleanser. This beautiful stone engages the dark energies with light! It bathes your aura, as it transforms buried pain into confidence and aspiration as the unwanted dark energies are released into the ethers. It is said that empaths have the most to gain from this stone. It is also known for releasing telepathic gifts. It also amplifies your powers of one’s emotional empathy.

Color: Yellow

Chakra: Sacral. Citrine is an essential stone for the sacral chakra. Opening it up for creativity and manifestation. Citrines energy vibrates from the sacral chakra moving into the root and solar plexus, radiating them all in light.

Origin: Mountains in Russia, Madagascar.

Hematite: Another must-have for empaths hematite. This stone is the ultimate strength transporter. This stone has a reputation for protecting one as well as transferring strength with the ability to resist bad energy. Empaths have a sponge-like reputation, soaking up everyone’s energy around them, especially negative energies. Hematite prevents this from happening while still allowing an empath to connect with others. The hematite gives an empath strength to release the weight of the unwanted effects. It exudes you with confidence and willpower, pushing you beyond bad vibes.

Color: Range from black to gray accompanied with reddish-brown streaks

Chakra: Root chakra, transmuting negative energies into positive. Calms and grounds.

Origin: Yellowstone national park in North America.






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