6 Chakra healing crystals for anxiety and grief

6 Chakra healing crystals for anxiety and grief

Crystals are a natural healing tool. They are a great tool in helping relieve anxiety. Crystals each have their own healing abilities or more commonly known as energies. Crystals are often used for healing the mind-body, and soul. They promote a clean energy flow. In turn, you can take control of life once again.

When one is grounded, one tends to become less anxious. There are a variety of stones that help ground your energies.

Chrysocolla – Is known to be a stone of peace. Soothes. It helps to strengthen and sustain during times of stress. Aids in understanding others. Purifies and stabilizes the home environment.

Amethyst – is known to be a natural tranquilizer. It is known for its ability to relieve stresses and soothing irritability as it balances one’s moodiness. It is also known to eliminate anger and rage, and fear as well as anxiety. Alleviates grief and sadness. Amethyst dissolves negativity as it also activates spiritual awareness, opening one’s intuitiveness and psychic abilities. Amethyst enhances the immune system. Improving one’s endocrine function, digestive health, as well as hormones.

Personally, this is one of my favorite stones, and I have several large ones in my home.

Brazilian Agate – brings about an intellectual and emotional balance as well as physical balance. It helps center and stabilize physical energies. This stone works slowly. However, it brings great strength as well as soothing and calming energies. Brazilian Agate harmonizes the yin and yang.

The Blue Brazilian agate has been considered a throat chakra crystal. It opens the upper chakras from the heart to the crown, making it possible to receive unconditional love.

Spiritually Brazilian agate creates balance within the mind, body, and spirit by helping one become centered slowing down. Transforming negative energies into positivity. Improving one’s concentration, perception as well as abilities analytically.

Fluorite – It neutralizes stress and anxieties associated with negative energies. Fluorite is an excellent learning tool. It increases powers of concentration, Aids in decision making as well as self-confidence. It encourages positivity, improves coordination, and balance both physically and mentally as it balances the energies—blue fluorite aids in the precise communication of intuitive insights. Blue fluorite’s calm, serene energies bring inner peace.

Purple Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra bringing in common sense to psychic intuitions.  This stone is a great stone for grounding as well as harmonizing spiritual energies.  When working with the upper chakra system, Fluorite links the human mind to source energies or universal consciousness, developing a spiritual connection. Fluorite increases one’s intuitive abilities.

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz – This is a powerful combination of crystals. It is known to deflect all negative energies and release all energy blocks within the body. It also creates a protective field of energy. This crystal embodies the black tourmaline’s energies and the powerful vibrations of the Clear quartz crystal. The Clear quartz amplifies the properties of the Black Tourmaline energies. The tourmaline purifies its own energies and protects from negativity. While the Clear quartz amplifies energies focused through it, this combination creates a powerful shield from negative energies.

This is a powerful grounding stone. It Strengthens one’s energy field against invasion. It also diverts environmental influences. It is an effective problem solver as it is seen as the symbol of unity. It wipes out crystallized patterns that potentially were destructive in one’s life, releasing anxieties and tensions at all levels. It harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones. Psychologically it helps to unify and heal the shadow energies, releasing self-sabotage. This combination also harmonizes the meridians, subtle bodies, and chakras.

Abalone shell – This is great to assist in calming and soothing one’s emotions. Showing us that peace and light can be revealed after a rocky ride. Abalone assists in dealing with emotions. Our emotions are where anxieties ride. Abalone helps one cope with emotional turmoil, enhancing our peaceful feelings, as well as love and compassion. It is a great tool for trauma survivors. Abalone is known to develop in the ocean slowly. This associates it with the emotional tides we face, such as anxieties, sensitivities, and self-awareness. The Abalone comes from nature. It is linked with the heartiness of water. This creates the gentleness of the sea within the holder, providing stillness within one’s emotions, love, and compassion.

Spiritually Abalone has been used for offering prayers to the divine source. It facilitates to empower the psychic growth along with one’s intuition as well as imagination.

Rose Quartz – Most everyone who has a collection has rose quartz. Rose quartz is a potent healing stone, especially where love is concerned. It is a great stone for healing emotions. The high vibrational frequencies emitted from a rose quartz stone can soothe emotional wounds that often cause anxiety within the human body. Rose quartz helps you tap into your feelings, creating emotional healing inviting you into your own heart center. Opening you up to break away from judgment as you practice gratitude within. It is a great piece to use while meditating. Bring it over your heart during your meditation process so it can connect to your heart chakra. Then you can sit with the emotions that will arise, sending love to the emotion no matter if it is a negative one or positive emotion. This will allow the energies to shift into positive ones. This is especially potent if you do affirmations while meditating. You can picture a pink light of love cleansing your entire energy field and body. Send love to all the areas of your life. This will also shift negative energies. Rose Quartz is a good stone to use in self-care. It has the ability to soothe and calm the skin.

Crystal healing can be an extremely effective way to help one with anxieties in life, no matter the reason. It can help calm one’s emotions while grieving and coping with out-of-control emotions and anxieties. It is also a great way to explore and explode one’s spiritual senses.







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